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If you want to supercharge your orgasm beyond the conventional dildo, then vibrators are the perfect sex toy for you from the rabbit vibrator...

G Spot vibrator, Clit vibrator, bullet vibrator, wand vibrator and much more.

This is one of the most popular sex toys in the market, and a must have for your collection. There are many different types of vibrators which have been researched and developed to satisfy every individual type of pleasure you desire. It's different for everyone and we offer a wide range of vibrators, to suit everyone's tastes; and here we'll take a look at some of the most popular designs available, whether you are looking for a classic vibrator of something new, some of these toys are perfect to treat yourself or to give a loved one as a gift as here at For the Closet not only do we stock some of the best vibrators on the market, we are one of the leading retailers for this countries, Vibrators UK. Where you are sure to find, luxury vibrators, mini vibrators, and for those who like it wet.... waterproof vibrators.

There is so much choice, some companies are known for their sleek style and innovative designs, which lend their products a touch of class. The craftsmanship behind these products is clearly obvious, made as they are from quality raw materials, such as silicone vibrators. Which are both non-toxic and phthalate-free? Wand vibrators such as Magic Wand vibrators are known throughout the world to be some of the most powerful on the market, offering a wide range of choice and fun and come in a range of colours; designs. Some are wireless vibrators, and others mains powered all of which are crazily powerful leading to highly powerful orgasms.

With these sex toys there's something to suit all tastes! For some high-powered vibrational performance, then check out our range of rabbit vibrators these vibe boast multi-function power settings, and are easy to hold, because they aren't overly heavy. Some of which have a slight curvature to this sex aid for added pleasure as it stimulates the g-spot, and reach just the right places, which makes it a fantastic addition to anyone's sex toy collection as a g-spot vibrator..

When it comes to adult toys, size isn't always everything; it is something highly personal, bullet vibrators tend to have a slim, smooth shaft, and a rounded tip. Some have a rotating shafts, this means that they revolve, and actions can be varied, allowing for multiple combinations and speeds, enabling you to find which vibrational pattern works best for you as you experience the many different sensations of vibration and pulsating patterns that these toys have to offer alongside clitoral vibrators, for the ultimate in orgasmic pleasure. If you like the feel of clitoral stimulation, these are some variations available, like vibrating eggs, and finger vibrators, which can be used with ease and held in the correct places.

If you are travelling, then make sure you check out our range of discreet vibrators, you may need to find something which is adaptable and not particularly large or loud; these are perfect for slipping into a handbag discreetly, so you can whenever the mood takes you... These toys really versatile, from realistic vibrators, to those which come attached as suction cup vibrators, or you may wish to explore the prostate with our specially designed prostate massager. Whatever your needs, and preferences, you will find the perfect adult toy of your choice, which we're sure you'll soon learn to love and enjoy every time you wish to play. The vibrator is a massive universe of pleasurable options. One will never be enough as there are so many ways to enhance your sex life, orgasm and foreplay with this incredible sex toy. With over 5000 products to choose from, For The Closet has one of the largest ranges of vibrators in the UK for you to buy online in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, functions, textures and materials, whether you are looking to experiment with affordable cheap vibrators, or are more experienced and looking to buy the best luxury vibrators as your long-term 'go to' sex toy. For The Closet offers a 10% discount off all orders for members, with discreet packaging and tracked shipping.

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Vibrators FAQs

Are vibrators safe to use?

Vibrators are completely safe to use and come in different materials to suit your skin. They also have different vibration modes to compliment your comfort.

How do I clean and maintain my vibrator?

Wipe your vibrator with a wet towel and apply soap. Scrub for 20 seconds and then wash. Then simply pat it dry with a clean cloth. You can also clean it under a tap if you have a water-proof vibrator, just make sure it's switched-off.

Can I travel with my vibrator?

Traveling with vibrator is common and is allowed almost everywhere when carrying your vibrator in your hand-luggage. You can check if your airline allows vibrators in check-in luggage.

How do I address concerns about using a vibrator with my partner?

Ask questions and be honest with them. Openly let them know your intentions and give them their space to get acclimated with the idea of vibrator. Be supportive and willing to answer when they have a question.

Do I need to use lube with vibrators?

Lubes helps with eradicating any unwanted friction and helps in providing immediate comfort and pleasure. Just make sure you are using the recommended lube for the material of your vibrator.

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