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A Guide To Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators first appeared - and changed the lives of women - over twenty-five years ago, and still, to this day, they are one of the most popular vibrators among women across the world. If you have already had the pleasure of experiencing the joys and sensations of one of these vibrators, then you will fully understand why, and how, they have changed the way women pleasure themselves. If you are yet to discover just how good these toys are - or need a little instruction on how to get the best from your rabbit - then this guide is here to help.


These sex toys promise you, at the very least, twice as much fun as a standard vibrator - and sometimes a whole lot more depending on your chosen model. Not only do you enjoy the vibrations that you would receive from a regular internal vibrator, you get external stimulation too, so it isn't hard to see why this is one of the best selling adult devices in the world!


During the nineteen-nineties, we saw the development of the rabbit take a giant leap - this was the decade of new, stimulating designs, which offered varying sensations of pleasure, yet which still followed the traditional classic design of a vibrating shaft and two ears, which pulsate against your clitoris; when you stimulate both internally and externally at the same time, something quite amazing happens, and these toys take you on an erotic journey of sensual overload. The best thing about these toys is their versatility; they suit every budget - and every preference, whatever that might be.


Large rabbit vibrators have extra length and girth going for them, with a nicely rounded head for easy insertion, so if you enjoy the feel of a little stretching, this maybe the ideal choice of rabbit for you. The ears of this toy are still regular size, and fit snugly against your clit, so you still receive the benefits of clitoral stimulation whilst still enjoying the sensations that a larger shaft can provide.


On the alternative side of these, there are mini-rabbits - as they are relatively cheap, these toys are a great way to experiment, if you're not sure a rabbit is right for you. These toys make great travelling companions, as they can fit into a handbag, or suitcase, with ease. They are often battery-powered, with one vibratory function, which controls both the shaft and the ears. Never underestimate the power behind mini-vibrators; they still supply the same type of sensation that their bigger brothers do.


For those of you who enjoy the feel of thrusting, there's the specially made rabbit thrusting vibrators. These rabbits have a shaft which thrusts for internal stimulation, rather than the regular vibrations or rotating shaft. These toys are ideal if you like a realistic sensation, but it is worth taking note that they aren't always the most discreet of toys; they require a powerful motor in order for them to thrust, so they do tend to be on the louder side. When it comes to the top end of adult devices, then these luxury vibrators, made from velvety smooth, top quality materials, certainly live up to their name; having the perfect shape to provide you with power, and earning full marks for overall stimulation, these toys are normally powered and rechargeable via a USB port. If you wish to upgrade your rabbit - or you simply want to jump straight in to the very best, then these toys will last you a long time, with the correct care.


These toys feel amazing, and offer you multifold pleasures - with up to triple the benefit of a regular vibrator, offering internal, clitoral, g-spot, and potentially also anal stimulation; this after all adds greater pleasure, which of course makes for stronger orgasms...


Whichever design of rabbit you decide to opt for, they all provide you with immense pleasure; and each and every one of them supplies their own unique style of granting satisfaction; it might encompass textured shafts and ears, rotating beads, dual, or perhaps even triple, stimulation, alongside many vibrating, rotating, and pulsating patterns, which combine, delivering a truly personal experience, tailoring orgasms just for you - which brings us to some key pointers regarding the best way to use your rabbit vibrator:


These toys grant you what is known as a blended orgasm; this means that you will experience both a vaginal and clitoral orgasm simultaneously. When you obtain a new toy, you need to build up your confidence while using it - you can achieve this by knowing how your chosen toy functions; it's easy to do - practice makes perfect, and familiarising yourself with what each of its functions feels like before you start playing with it properly will help to break down any hesitation you may be experiencing.


Your toy's rabbit ears have one set of controls, as does the shaft. This doesn't vary; it's standard throughout all designs. Play about using the buttons, so you know where to find them easily without looking - this will enable you to change settings while your toy is in use. Using a water-based lubricant can allow things to glide in easily, as well as adding extra stimulation - and helping to get you in the mood for playing!


Start by using the ears on the inside of your thighs, and over your labia, very gently, then switch your toy onto the first speed setting, using the ears only. Begin using the ears on your clitoris; as you begin to feel aroused, slowly insert the shaft, so that it sits comfortably inside - you'll find that the rabbit ears will naturally sit alongside your clit; the ears are really flexible, so you can adjust them to however feels the best for you. Now it's time to start exploring the shaft speeds - if you have stimulating beads, you'll find that these will rotate to stimulate your g-spot; if you have a thrusting rabbit, then it will slowly begin to thrust. This is the point where you can commence exploring the variations of speed and function, thereby discovering what works best for you.


When new to these toys, many women reach climax very quickly, which is fine - this just means that you can experiment, and explore new, pleasurable ways to achieve orgasm. You can alternate between both external and internal stimulation - experiment with both; the rule of thumb is this: the longer you play, the stronger your orgasm will be, so don't be scared of pulling back every now and again, and intensifying the stimulation, so you take your time building up to a sensational blended powerful orgasm.


So many people enjoy these toys, and it isn't hard to see why; they're used worldwide by both single women and couples - and many couples rave about how these adult toys have revolutionised their sex lives; they have simply never before achieved orgasms as intense as those they've experienced while using these vibrators. These toys have become a staple of many people's foreplay, regardless of gender or sexuality; if you wish to be turned on - and blown away by strong and powerful orgasms every time - then a rabbit vibrator should certainly be an essential item within your toy box...