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A Guide to Wand Vibrators

There's a good reason why wand vibrators are considered to be one of the very finest, top end adult toys – their versatility. These devices are available in many styles and varieties: there's rechargeable wands, mains-powered wands and large battery-powered wands, and are purchasable in varying sizes, from large wands to smart wands. All of these adult devices are also high-end massagers of the type all power queens will adore - and if you're lucky enough to own one, you are sure to be already aware of the satisfactory pleasure which is associated with them.


Wand massagers, on average, are capable of four vibrating speeds and four pulsating patterns, though some designs do possess slightly varying functions; those which are mains-powered contain a lengthy lead, often extending up to six-feet in length, ensuring that you will never run out of power when you most need it; and even the rechargeable wands come with a cable, so you can plug them in if you've forgotten to charge them!



Wand heads are constructed from long lasting, high grade material, enabling them to withstand a great deal of use and pressure, in addition to offering you a wide range of wand attachments which will provide you with varying sensations and powerful orgasms. Saying this, some of these devices also offer some pretty innovative technology; they are accompanied by what is referred to as Sense Touch, which means that the power, and pressure, of the wand fluctuates, increasing and decreasing depending on how firmly you hold the wand against your skin. One of the standout features of these toys is that while they offer the use of attachments, you only need to own the one basic fundamental device; you can then expand your collection in affordable increments as you gain experience, or wish to experiment. These addenda can totally change the feel of your vibrator; the attachments are placed on the head of your massager, providing you with multiple differing impressions of pleasure. Some popular attachments provide gentle sensations at first; then as the attachment shakes, they provide varying feelings and intensities depending on the speed with which you use your wand.



If you are a lover of double penetration, then rest assured there is an attachment made just for you, allowing you to enjoy both vaginal and anal penetration at the same time - this intense accessory is not certainly for the faint-of-heart though, delivering as it does an extreme amount of pleasure every time! However, for the ultimate in sensual enjoyment, and for those who liked to be licked and teased, there are further appurtenances which can deliver you an expert oral experience. This device provides a fluttery feeling akin to being licked, bringing on intense and powerful orgasms. While we're talking of intense orgasms, this is a good time to include those who like to try their hand at a little bit of bondage and BDSM - the toys' accessories can be applied, via the use of specialist belts with the universal O-ring fitting, to provide you with a forced orgasm - the ultimate pleasure when used with compatible restraints; for example - have your partner attach your wrists to the O-rings, so that you're restrained; they then place the wand in a holder attached to a bondage belt, to stimulate your clitoris. This device supplies extremely heightened, intensive orgasms, which you have no control over. So whether you are new to the world of wand vibrators, or an old hand, there's so much more to discover when utilising these supplements to augment the pleasure levels a wand will supply - to both you, and your lover. Other attachments are designed specifically for male use and so make great sex toys for men; these appendages can provide the sensations of a blow- or hand-job. These accessories have the ability to bring men to orgasm very quickly and easily, but it's always advisable to use a water-based lubricant, however, as the fit of these attachments can be somewhat snug.



The classic wand toy design contains a large head, to spread vibrations over a wide area of the body - an ideal body massager; they have a flexible neck, enabling them to glide along the contours of your core muscle groups, and apply extra precision towards the more delicate areas of the body. It has a firm handle / body, which makes this toy ideal for intimate masturbatory use, in addition to administering deep-tissue massage – making it perfect for being incorporated into a couple's sensual foreplay as well as becoming as your new favourite style of vibrator.



If you've ever struggled to reach climax when using adult devices, a wand vibrator may hold the key for you to achieve pleasurable climaxes every time; they are, after all, some of the strongest purchasable vibrators.



For The Closet have a wide selection of wand vibrators and attachments available. Alongside the very top-end wand toys, You will find that these devices also tend to come in at a lower price, so you can experiment with the sensations a wand supplies without having to invest too much money if this is your first experience. One noteworthy aspect to remember is that when you obtain a toy with this much power, there is a certain amount of noise generated when in use, between its sound and its super-strong vibrations.



Some of the major names in sex toy design produce remarkable devices, so when you choose to invest in a wand, you can be sure that you are buying a quality assured product that will last a lifetime with the correct care. The toys, with their range of attachments, are so highly versatile, they can transform your foreplay, and sex life, in minutes; you will never get bored of the sensations that they can deliver, as they leave you feeling, energised, relaxed and fulfilled - and a healthy sex life means better all-round well-being. So what's not to love about these wonderful wand devices?