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A Guide To G-Spot Vibrators

We all know the stories about the magic area that is said to send women into a wild frenzy of sexual excitement and orgasmic pleasure, of course; this area is known as the G-Spot. There are thousands of articles and books written about this erogenous zone, as it has evaded lovers over the centuries - to the point where some would say it doesn't exist. This is a misconception; it does indeed exist, and every woman can enjoy the benefits obtained from stimulating her G-Spot.


The reason its existence has been disputed for decades is that you can only locate it when you are sexually aroused - it becomes engorged; having penetrative sex, either vaginally or anally, can stimulate this wondrous pleasure zone. Adult toy designers now have the design of women's sex toys down to an art; you can just about find a toy to suit all your needs, and it's certainly worth mentioning that there are specialist vibrators available that will grant you amazing orgasms - and take away the frustration of trying to find your spot manually, so you, or your partner, can provide just the right amount of stimulation - to take you out of this world on the orgasmic trip of a lifetime.



The G-Spot is located along the upper/front wall of the vagina, about two inches in, towards the stomach. The easiest thing to do is to lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and rest your feet on the bed in front of you. A little exploration will always benefit you; if you're conversant with regards to how your body works and how it likes to be touched, then you can share this important knowledge with your partner. Start by inserting your middle finger into your vagina and gently stroke the front wall behind the pubic bone, about two inches up. You should feel a patch of skin that has a different texture to the rest of your vaginal walls - slightly rough, a little like a walnut. It shares a similar feeling to a guy's prostate, if you happen to be accustomed to locating this. Use a "come-hither" motion, and press into the centre of this little nut, until you feel an area, and hey presto! You've found it. It's on the other side of your vaginal wall, which is why it will respond to pressure more than anything else. The area will start out by being very small, but as you get turned on, it will soon enlarge. Many women find G-Spot stimulation easier and more pleasurable when trying varying positions, especially when using adult devices; getting on all fours, for example, can be incredibly erotic. Some women prefer penetration when they start to feel aroused.



It's recommended that the stimulating of the G-Spot should commence around the middle, or towards the end of play; always use a good lubricant, and when you're ready to use your sex toys, start off slowly, and then increase the intensity of your play when you feel the need. One of these marvellous devices, which is specially curved to fit the contours of a woman's body, can provide differing pulsating rhythms which can stimulate your G-Spot deep within, allowing you to experience intense pleasure.



Some women can climax from G-Spot stimulation alone. Some sources advise that this increases the strength of orgasm, or have even stated that this type of stimulation leads to female ejaculation. Experiment, and discover what feels good personally, but just remember to relax, and always have fun! These toys come in varying sizes and width, and when you're new to any toy it can be a little daunting, but this really isn't the case when it comes to using G-Spot vibrators; in fact, these toys are so adept at stimulating the G-Spot, that they're a reliable favourite of both the single ladies and their partners, too; they're simply excellent sex toys for couples. Available in a range of varying shapes and sizes, all of these toys incorporate a specially designed tip which stimulates the delicate nerve endings of the G-Spot just inside your vaginal wall. Using these devices is so much easier, and more exciting, than just relying on manual stimulation - they can supply exactly the correct amount of pressure needed for arousal.



Some of these toys have several speed settings, and a slimmer width than the average vibe; the benefit of your enjoying access to multiple speeds is the ability to begin slowly, with gentle pulsations, and then turn up the power as you get used to it. Not only do these devices contain a curved tip with which to stimulate the G-Spot, but some also boast rabbit ears, to grant your clitoris pleasure too, so you can enjoy the gratification of dual stimulation, and savour the benefit of a blended orgasm – a sensation some women may associate with using a rabbit vibrator. If you desire intense stimulation, then a G-Spot vibrator with a curvier tip will satisfy your needs; then as you attain some experience, you can progress to toys which have varying textures, or more vibrating functions, to provide differing sensations.



When using your G-Spot vibrators, always start off slow, making sure you are aroused and well-lubricated; even if your natural juices are flowing, it's always recommended that you add more lube! Ensuring that it's a water-based lubricant, apply some onto your toy as well, and then insert your toy approximately two inches inside your vagina, making sure that the tip of your vibe is angled upwards, towards and against the front of the vaginal wall. Then start to add more pressure, the more turned on and aroused you feel. The key to using these toys - and G-Spot stimulation - is to add pressure, rather than vibration or movement. You will know when you have found the right place; once you have, this area will start to increase in size as it swells with blood, and as it swells, the nerve endings become extra-sensitive, making for some extreme foreplay, which will not fail to get you in the mood, and ready for action. When you stimulate this area of the female body, it isn't uncommon for women to experience ejaculation, otherwise known as squirting. This happens when a women releases a clear fluid from her vagina - for some it can appear as a small trickle, and for others a full-on squirt; the style of stimulation can determine the power of the ejaculation. If this is the first time you've experienced anything like this, then there is no need to worry; it's all perfectly normal and natural, and remember that if you experience problems achieving a G-Spot orgasm, then it's highly likely that the sexual position you're using simply isn't working for you, so try to experiment a little.