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Couples Sex Toys

Forthecloset has the best sex toys for couples online. Couples Sex toys can bring a excitement and adventurous element into the bedroom and the ideal for spicing up your sex life. This range covers vibrating cock rings for maintaining the erection whilst stimulating the clitoris, couples vibrators such remote control vibrators and wireless vibrators to give your partner control of your orgasm, strap ons for delivering your best performance, penis sleeves for adding more girth to your manhood, double ended dildos for mutual penetration and so much more. We also have sex swings and sex furniture to further enhance your bedroom antics. 

There are so many avenues to explore here and no one sex toy is the be all and end all. Explore, experiment and build your ultimate collection at For The Closet.

The enjoyment which can be gained from using personal devices with a lover or significant other, can be doubled with the use of some of the most sort after sex toys for couples. Vibrators are designed to provide stimulation in a variety of ways to ensure that both of you get the most from your device. Couples vibrators are designed to give you both a variety of sensations which can lead to stronger climaxes. Purchasing sex toy accessories are a great way to add to your existing toys box, alongside trying out new items which can be beneficial to you and your partner. Vibrating cock rings, can not only add stimulation to a guy’s scrotum, they can also be used for clitoral stimulation, whilst the constriction of the cock ring gives a guy stronger erections which last for longer. The inclusion of penis sleeves are a great way to alternate textures for mutual masturbation. These specially designed sleeves provide an array of feelings which enhance play and the penis, both with a partner and for solo use.

Double ended dildos; are some of the most sort after sex toys, allowing couples to work together mutually stimulating each other, making for a highly erotic and personal experience. When exploring new ways to turn each other on, it may be worth taking a look at the selection of strap ons that For The Closet has to offer. The act of pegging is becoming increasingly popular, and can provide an intimate and mind blowing experience for both men and women alike. For those of you who like to incorporate bondage into your play, then using sexual devices such as sex swings could be an option to furthering your enjoyment. These devices alongside other specialist items of sex furniture are brilliant for expanding your expertise within BDSM. Technology has never been better with regards to adult items. The advancements we have seen has brought to the market some remarkable devices such as remote control sex toys. These devices are remotely controlled and offer couples ways to intimately connect, even if they are many miles apart. These devices can be run from apps, from tablets and even smart phones, and have an endless selection of options to create a truly personal experience from a sex toy.

Couples sex toys have never been better as leading manufactures have their fingers on the pulse to offer you some of the very best advancements in adult items which will not only enhance your sex life but will invest in it, giving you both extended pleasure time and again for a satisfying and long lasting sex life. Using these toys with your partner strengthens your relationship, as build trust as you get to know each other’s bodies and the best ways to stimulate one and other. Creating mind blowing sensations which aren't achievable through manual stimulation. For The Closet offers couples an extensive range of items, which will last many years with the correct upkeep and care.

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Couples Sex toys FAQs

How do I clean couples sex toys?

Warm water is the best method to begin cleaning couples sex toys. Avoid submerging the toy into water as it may damage its internal mechanism. Make sure to rub any crevices or areas that might contain residue.

How do I store my couples sex toys?

When storing couples sex toys, it is vital to keep them away from direct sunlight and areas that get hot. You can use individual storage options which are breathable. There are velvet-lined boxes, padded bags and other products for storing sex toys.

Can couples sex toys be used during sex?

Absolutely! Using sex toys amongst couples is an excellent and common way to spice up your sex life. Whether you are looking to achieve deeper orgasms, explore new fantasies or increase sensitivity - sex toys work like a charm.

How do I introduce couples sex toys to my partner?

When introducing sex toys to your partner, start by being direct, open and honest. Dictate your desires and expectations from the process while being respectful to your partner’s boundaries and needs.

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