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Sex Toys

Whether you are experimenting and looking to try one of our affordable sex toys or experienced and wanted a top luxury brand adult toy, For The Closet will make your play time memorable.


We have the best-selling sex toys and accessories in the market, from the small to the very big, from the basic to the high-tech to body safe sex toys in a wide variety of designs and materials.


We are very well aware that the world of sex toys is not only just immense but due to the vast versatility, can also be quite daunting. In essence, if you are a sex toy newbie, there are many variables that can be confusing. So, in consideration of that, this page is here to help you ease into the world of sex toys. Here, we introduce every in(s) and out(s) of sex toys that you need to make your sex toy experience as smooth as possible.


History of Sex Toys

You might be surprised that sex toys are not a creation of modern-day lifestyles. The earliest evidence of the use of sex toys is noticed during the times of the Greeks and Romans. During those times, penis-shaped objects made out of wood, leather, bronze or stone were prominently used to stimulate sensitive zones on the body and pleasure. Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that doctors during the Victorian era used vibrator-like tools to treat certain psychological conditions in women. It was believed to cure emotional and sexual distress in women. Fast forward to today’s time, sex toys have advanced tremendously not just in production or quality, but also in technology, availability and versatility. From sex toys that target an organ to intimate toys that are designed to tap certain heat zones in your body, the options are endless.


Types of Sex Toys

With these many options and activity-specific sex toys, it can be hard to pin down where to start or what to experience next. So, to make your process easy, let’s have a look at a few of the most common and must-have sex toys:


Vibrators: These are probably one of the most commonly known and used sex toys out there. Vibrators come in many forms, from the very basic single-speed variety with a one twist function, to state-of-the-art technology which can be controlled remotely from across the world, if you and your partner so desired. They are constructed from varying high-quality materials and textures, of differing lengths and widths, and offer various types of vibrating patterns and pulsating functions, allowing you to truly personalise your experience


Dildos: Dildos are as diverse as vibes, and are a sex toy staple for any toybox; you can opt for a model which boasts realistic features and functions, or a beautifully designed version, available in an array of distinct materials, which offer differing modes of stimulation. It's hard to stop at just one - they are all so individual. It's been known for women to fall in love with their dildos, and it hasn't hard to see why; modern designs have truly taken this toy to new pleasurable heights.


When it comes down to UK, it isn't just the women that can have fun - there are many male sex toys out there, waiting for guys to discover.


Cock rings are superb at helping to keep erections harder for longer; the restriction helps to keep the blood circulating, thereby helping to prevent premature ejaculation, in addition to tons of other pleasurable, beneficial features. These devices can sometimes incorporate vibrators, which can pulsate against the scrotum, or a partner's clitoris, for added stimulation.


Anal toys and butt plugs are fantastic for those considering stepping into the erotic world of anal sex or anal play; they can add stimulation and help either yourself, or your partner, relax enough to allow things to glide in with ease. These toys have various textures, and come in various sizes, depending on individual needs and desires.


Strap-ons are a great example of couples sex toys - whether you're gay or straight, these devices can be enjoyed by all, and are available in a range of sizes and lengths, to suit all tastes and needs.


How to choose a sex toy?

After covering almost all the aspects of sex toys like the types and their importance, it is necessary to cite some points on how to choose a sex toy. Here are some attributes that will help you make an apt decision on purchasing your sex toy.


Material & Safety Sex toys are available in a lot of variants and qualities. The point that comes in first place while making a purchase is the material of a sex toy. A sex toy should be made up of materials that are not allergic to your skin. The skin-safe material for sex toys can be glass, metal, or silicone. All our sex toys are made using these materials.


Size & Shape It is crucial to consider the pattern and size of the toy. Comfort plays a very important role while indulging in adult novelties. If you are a newbie in using sex toys, keep an eye on the minimal designs that offer pleasure with comfort. Take small steps towards choosing the intense orgasm sex toy as you devise some knowledge. While exploring sex toys, make sure to scrutinize the toys properly to discover the vision behind their creation. There are many sex toys that are made to give you extreme pleasure while some are the standard ones that offer sensations that you might have experienced before. So, make a worthy decision and choose the right sex toy that meets your preferences and requirements.


Power Source The next step in choosing a sex toys is the power source. Sex toys are designed with varied power sources. Currently, there are sex toy devices that offer a battery slot while some of them offer a chargeable option. It all depends on your requirements, convenience, and budget. Rechargeable sex toys are significantly noticeable as they offer great value considering the cost. The best sex toy for you is the one that syncs your needs and keeps up with your lifestyle.


How to use a sex toy?

The ultimate guide on how to purchase a sex toy comes to an end! So, let's check out the usage of sex toys safely and effectively. Sex toys are an exemplary addition not only for singles but also for people who are in a relationship. It spices up your sex life and brings in romanticism. So, let us dig deep into how to use sex toys.


Solo Play When it comes to solo play using sex toys, try and understand your needs from the toy. Solo play goes well with stimulation in the clitoris and G-spot orgasms. If you have the ideal grip, using sex toys can be very pleasurable. Remember to feel the sensations while exploring to double up the enjoyment. The idea behind the solo play is that you can find your love spots in your own way by provoking different zones through the path you choose.


Partner Play Introducing erotic sex toys in a relationship can be a challenge with lots of exhilaration and joy. The toys generate space for closeness and passion. But, to get there, it is essential to communicate with your partner. Communication builds a relationship and partners can relish the bliss if they are frank about their sexual desires, plans, and expectations for a partner. On another note, lubes play a very important role in partnered sex. Sex toys aren't enriched with realistic lubrication and that's why using lubes is very important. It encourages smooth flow and keeps you going for a long time.


Health & Safety Tips Sex toys are incredible for the extended pleasure and sexual desires of human beings. But it is crucial to play safely with the best sex toys to maintain an environment of hygiene. While having sexual intercourse using sex toys make sure to wash your hands before and after the intercourse to avoid bacteria entering your body. Also, if you are using lubes, wash your sex toys in warm water before and after usage. Keep sex toys in a safe place that is not too cold or hot. Check if the batteries and USB are disconnected or not. for enhanced durability.


Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Sex toys are no less than a startling aspect of your sexual life. Vibrators might revamp your thrills and a massager can capture the right spot. But, they hold an array of favourable effects for your overall health. Let's check out the benefits of using sex toys.


Better Sexual Health As per renowned studies, sex toys are great to enhance the overall sexual soundness of couples and singles. It is simply because using sex toys gives the freedom to explore and eliminates the pressure of performing the best and lasting for a good time. With this privilege, you can enjoy at your own pace and dig out the spots and stimulation that you love. All in all, using sex toys enhances the blood flow in your private parts and boosts your sexual health while offering positive outcomes.


Enhanced Pleasure Sex toys have generated hype because of the commendable satisfaction they provide! This is probably the reason why sex toys sales have increased in recent years. Sex toys enhance pleasure really well. Whether you are using it for orgasm, power, stimulation, or sensations sex toys provide different levels of sexual satisfaction. Sex toys are made to gratify couples enjoying quality time and singles living their best life.


Improved Intimacy Sex toys are a powerful tool to enhance sexual relations, lovemaking, and chemistry between a couple. People might think they are obstinate but sex toys are exactly the opposite of the myth. Couples can hit pristine spots and unfiltered sensations with sex toys which helps to build imperishable bonds and trust in a relationship. The addition of sex toys also allows couples to open up even more about their sexual desires and builds strong communication apart from normal talks.


To conclude, it’s important to note that even if you are new to the world of sex toys, it has everything for everyone. The special designs are meant for different individuals as per their liking. So, keep your spirits high and settle for the best.


Common Misconceptions about Sex Toys

Contrary to the typical beliefs, nowadays a majority of people enjoy using sex toys in their relationships. But an array of misconceptions about sex toys still follows the route. Let's take a significant step to shed the falsehoods about sex toys.


Sex toys are meant for singles This is one of the most accepted myths out there. However, the fact isn't true to any extent. Sex toys are meant for both singles and couples. Couples can keep up with their fantasies using numerous sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and BDSM kits. It helps to enhance the intimacy between a couple.


Sex Toys are for women We can't deny the fact that a number of sex toys are created for women. But, it is absolutely wrong to condemn that sex toys are only for women. A number of sex toys like fleshlights and cock rings cater to men. Just keep your preferences on point and you will uncover your ideal sex toy, be it men or women. Men and bisexuals can explore a number of sex toys that include cock rings and prostate massagers. On another note, there's no boundation to pick your preferred sex toy to locate your orgasmic spot.


Sex Toys are used in the Bedroom This is a faulty statement. Sex toys can be used anywhere as per your desires. If you feel comfortable using a sex toy in the shower and if this is your wildest fantasy then there's no going back. A majority of sex toys are water-proof and offer excellent battery life. Butt plugs are sex toys that you can enjoy while doing your household duties. It is important to create a healthy attitude when considering sex toys. Sex toys pacify your mood and boost energy levels. Also, make sure to feel okay if your partner wants to introduce sex toys in the bedroom. It is only meant to add a zing to your bedroom actions and nothing else. So, maintain your passionate side and use sex toys to spice up your sexual affair. Sex toys are not meant to replace a human touch. So, set your limitations right and relish every moment.


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Sex Toys FAQs

How do I clean sex toys?

Rinse your toy thoroughly with water to get rid of any debris. Once dried, apply liquid soap to the toy and gently scrub. Wipe or damp it with a clean cloth.

Can sex toys be used during pregnancy?

Sex toys are completely safe during pregnancy. To your surprise, sex toys during pregnancy can provide some amazing experiences. Just avoid any anal pleasure.

Are sex toys only for women?

Men also have a variety of sex toys available for them. Penis Vibrators, Strokers, Cock Rings and Butt Plugs are best for initial experiences for men.

What are the best ways to store sex toys?

You can use simple cotton bag to store your sex toys. Make sure they are kept discreetly and completely covered as constant contact with other materials or air can encourage bacterial growth.

Can I bring sex toys on the plane?

Yes, sex toys are allowed to be carried on airplanes. However, depending upon the country you are in sex toys might be restricted to hand luggage only.