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Sex Toys

Whether you are experimenting and looking to try one of our affordable sex toys or experienced and wanted a top luxury brand adult toy, Forthecloset will make your play time memorable.


We have the best-selling sex toys and accessories in the market, from the small to the very big, from the basic to the high-tech to body safe sex toys in a wide variety of designs and materials.


We are very well aware that the world of sex toys is not only just immense but due to the vast versatility, can also be quite daunting. In essence, if you are a sex toy newbie, there are many variables that can be confusing. So, in consideration of that, this page is here to help you ease into the world of sex toys. Here, we introduce every in(s) and out(s) of sex toys that you need to make your sex toy experience as smooth as possible.


With these many options and activity-specific sex toys, it can be hard to pin down where to start or what to experience next. So, to make your process easy, let’s have a look at a few of the most common and must-have sex toys:


Vibrators: These are probably one of the most commonly known and used sex toys out there. Vibrators come in many forms, from the very basic single-speed variety with a one twist function, to state-of-the-art technology which can be controlled remotely from across the world, if you and your partner so desired. They are constructed from varying high-quality materials and textures, of differing lengths and widths, and offer various types of vibrating patterns and pulsating functions, allowing you to truly personalise your experience


Dildos: Dildos are as diverse as vibes, and are a sex toy staple for any toybox; you can opt for a model which boasts realistic features and functions, or a beautifully designed version, available in an array of distinct materials, which offer differing modes of stimulation. It's hard to stop at just one - they are all so individual. It's been known for women to fall in love with their dildos, and it hasn't hard to see why; modern designs have truly taken this toy to new pleasurable heights.


When it comes down to UK, it isn't just the women that can have fun - there are many male sex toys out there, waiting for guys to discover.


Cock rings are superb at helping to keep erections harder for longer; the restriction helps to keep the blood circulating, thereby helping to prevent premature ejaculation, in addition to tons of other pleasurable, beneficial features. These devices can sometimes incorporate vibrators, which can pulsate against the scrotum, or a partner's clitoris, for added stimulation.


Anal toys and butt plugs are fantastic for those considering stepping into the erotic world of anal sex or anal play; they can add stimulation and help either yourself, or your partner, relax enough to allow things to glide in with ease. These toys have various textures, and come in various sizes, depending on individual needs and desires.


Strap-ons are a great example of couples sex toys - whether you're gay or straight, these devices can be enjoyed by all, and are available in a range of sizes and lengths, to suit all tastes and needs.


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Sex Toys FAQs

How do I clean sex toys?

Rinse your toy thoroughly with water to get rid of any debris. Once dried, apply liquid soap to the toy and gently scrub. Wipe or damp it with a clean cloth.

Can sex toys be used during pregnancy?

Sex toys are completely safe during pregnancy. To your surprise, sex toys during pregnancy can provide some amazing experiences. Just avoid any anal pleasure.

Are sex toys only for women?

Men also have a variety of sex toys available for them. Penis Vibrators, Strokers, Cock Rings and Butt Plugs are best for initial experiences for men.

What are the best ways to store sex toys?

You can use simple cotton bag to store your sex toys. Make sure they are kept discreetly and completely covered as constant contact with other materials or air can encourage bacterial growth.

Can I bring sex toys on the plane?

Yes, sex toys are allowed to be carried on airplanes. However, depending upon the country you are in sex toys might be restricted to hand luggage only.