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Why should girls have all the fun! For all those men who like to experiment and for the women who like them while they do, we have some exciting male costumes and menswear as well that can be used to enhance your foreplay. Be that frisking officer and “frisk ‘em baby!” For those who like to not be that experimental, we have the sexy male thongs with zip pouch, cage briefs as well as micro garter shorts etc. Lace the two goalies up in some neon pinks or a bikini brief or play some peek-a-boo with the little mister and let loose… and watch how this side of you pleasures your partner which gives you a time of your life in those few minutes; every single time! 


Our menswear include male costumes that are sexy & would make anyone drool over you.Play it naughty with attitude with our male costumes & menswear.