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For the Closet sells some of the best anal sex toys online in the UK. Gone are the days of ignoring parts of your body simply because of past preconceptions. There is a universe of sexual pleasure to be found by using anal sex toys, regardless of your sexuality. From anal probes and anal beads for foreplay, teasing, and training beginners, to butt plugs for anal lovers at all levels, to anal vibrators, anal dildos, and prostate massagers for men who know about the p-spot, we have everything you need.


To keep things clean we have anal douches too, so no worries in that department!

When you buy an amazing anal sex toy from For The Closet, you will be expanding your fun - and kinkiness! Increase the time exploring, and getting to know, your - and/or your partner’s - body. It's a highly erotic and interesting world out there, and we have the tools to help you discover it, through the world of anal play and anal penetration. There is something for everyone with these anal toys; they're designed for males, females or couples - at competitive prices to suit every budget, from the cheaper end, to the luxury high end of these amazing anal toys.


Anal sex can be a hugely erotic act that everyone can enjoy; and the more you learn about it - and the specific anal sex toys which are available – the more you can become acquainted with the sensual way in which anal toys can stimulate you and your partner. Some people may associate anal play with discomfort, but this needn't be the case if you follow a few simple steps, which will minimise any discomfort.


Before using any kind of anal sex toy, or partaking in anal sex, you need to learn how to relax the sphincter; to this end, a good lubricant is essential to anyone's toy collection.


Anal Beads and Anal Probes are an ideal supplement for beginner's anal sex; they allow you insert the anal toy to your desired depth and width, while reaching all the vital nerve endings, providing maximum stimulation; these toys are highly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of play styles, providing myriad pleasures to be enjoyed.


Butt plugs are beautifully designed, and they will glide in with ease; they are fantastic when used as part of foreplay. The smaller toys start with a four-inch insertable length and a slim diameter, as opposed to the larger plugs, and over-sized anal toys, which are ideal for those with experience, or who simply like the feel of larger insertions; both varieties are superb when implemented with sexual training.


Prostate Massagers are designed especially for the male body; they stimulate the prostate - stimulating this area of the body not only provides some of the most intense orgasms a guy can experience, but will also make orgasms last longer, in addition to the inherent health benefits derived from milking the prostate.


Anal Dildos are a highly popular anal toy – and they're available in so many differing sizes and varieties, ranging from versions constructed from “real feel” materials, to those which are firmer; some even come with suction cups, allowed them to be secured to a surface for easy function - and others still are available with an attached scrotum, for the ultimate in realistic arousal and experience.


Anal Vibrators supply an array of sensual and highly erotic vibrations and pulsations; some have varying speeds which will increase and decrease the sex toys intensity, making it highly versatile - and erotic. They should be an essential in everyone's toy box; these dynamic devices come in so many sizes and varieties, you will be sure to find one which will fit your needs - and fulfill all of your anal desires.


Glass anal toys make for a truly sensual experience, arousing you every time you play; these items truly are some of the best anal toys on the market, allowing you to incorporate a range of sensory play elements, for added arousal and stimulation. These stunning toys make the perfect gift and one which will last many years with the correct care.


Anal Douches are devices that allow you to wash out the rectum before anal sex and anal play, keeping things as hygienic as they possibly can be. A douche consists of a bulb and plastic nozzle which you insert under warm water, to fill the bulb, then gently insert the nozzle into the anus and release the water inside. When you feel the natural instinct to expel the water, it will cleanse the rectum, leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and physically refreshed.


PVC Anal Toys are highly varied, and often incorporate a range of toys. PVC toys are slick and are designed with comfort in mind, therefore enabling easy insertion when used with a water-based lubricant.


Shop at For The Closet for the best anal toys online. One of the largest and best anal toy ranges is here for your pleasure. 10% member discount. Free postage. Discreet service.