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Glass Dildos

From the elegant glass dildo to the absolutely stunning hand-blown glass dildo, enjoy the feeling of being pleasured by a glass sex toys that could constitute a stunning work of art. Glass dildos are a must have sex toy to add to your collection for the contrast in feel and also for it’s practicality.

A glass dildo is incredible smooth in it’s use, of all materials it may have the least friction, meaning it will gracefully glide along inside and out with the minimum of resistance. It will also conduct temperature differently, able to be warmer or cooler than more common materials. Experiment and heat it up or cool it down before use, but be careful and safe ok!

As it is non-porous, it is very easy to wipe and clean with one of our toy cleaners or just some soap and water. Glass is built to last if looked after, and makes a great long term collection piece that will last forever. Glass dildos are definitely a luxury sex toy.

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