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Sex Kits

Sex kits are a great whether you are beginner looking to explore a few items, or if you have one or two sex toys and looking to give your collection a boost. Sex toy kits are also make great couples sex toys, for a special night or weekend you have planned and you want a selection to pleasure your partner in various ways.

It is a cost effective way of building up your collection and exploring which types of stimulation you enjoy. Then once you know what your preferences are you can invest in a dedicated luxury sex toy for that particular purpose.

Not all sex kits are the same. Some are have a bondage theme such as the Fifty Shades of Grey, House of Eros and Fetish Fantasy sex kits. Others are a selection of vibrators and dildos, butt plugs, anal beads penis sleeves and much more. For those who are more experienced with both sex toys and bondage kits, you may want to venture into the more daring electro stimulation sex kits!

For The Closet has every sex toy kit you can imagine for all your sexual pleasure needs, browse around, and remember, 10% off all orders for you as a member, discreet packaging and tracked shipping. 

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