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Sexy Police costumes

Make some naughty arrests with sexy police costume,available at For The Closet.Sexy police costume is perfect for a dress up party & also the bedroom.

Its time you put your sexy foot forward and frisk your partner starting at top and go all the way down on them. For Your Closet has got a variety of Sexy Police Costumes for you to choose from. A sexy police costume can be perfectly accessorized with a police hat or double lock handcuffs to take the level of kinkiness further up a notch.

These costumes add fun and drama so when you walk into a themed party dressed in a sexy police costume from For Your Closet’s adult outfit assemblage; you will definitely set some sirens off… but what’s the fun without some envious glances following you around eh! After all some say it is a crime to be that sexy and for punishment your partner might just give you some… if you know what we mean! 

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