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We take ‘literally speaking’ to a whole new level if you’re hungry for sex with our aphrodisiac and yummy range of edible treats. These edible treats are a perfect mixture of sweet and sexy and are offered for those who are looking for a satisfying taste in bed, quite literally so. Accessorize yourself with edible nipple tassles or slip into a candy G-string and be adorned in something that looks just as good as it tastes. Buy edible treats for yourself and let your partner nibble away or use them as an amazingly kinky and fun gift idea. With other products such as lick-able massage candles and edible stimulating gels you can turn your partner’s already tempting and inviting body into a delicious treat.


Hungry for sex or while sex, doesn't matter because we have a selection of yummy edible treats.Indulge in some delicious sessions of sex with edible treats!