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The need to maintain a healthy sexual wellness has found a way that is discreet and easy because we provide all that you need under one roof. Discreet packaging and the convenience of delivery to your doorstep are a few benefits of shopping with us. Excite or partner or extend pleasure, safe is the way to go. Select from our wide range of condoms and find what satisfies your partner the most.

Our selection includes but is not limited to extra thin condoms for a high level of intimacy, ribbed condoms for extra pleasure provided by apt stimulation in addition to non- latex condoms with extra lubrication for those who prefer it latex free. Step up your game, and do it safely!

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Condoms FAQs

How do I properly store condoms?

Best way to store condoms is in a cool and dry place where it is away from direct sunlight. Extreme weather conditions rupture the quality of condoms. Avoid storing condoms in your cars or in wallets as it can weaken the quality of the latex.

How do I talk to my partner about using condoms?

Talking about condoms to your partner can be uncomfortable but is still a vital aspect of practicing complete safety during sex. Be honest about your concerns and let your partner ask questions. Remember, you both are in this together.

How do I choose the right size condom?

Consider the length and girth of the penis to estimate the right size of condom for you. You can measure through the base of your penis to leverage an idea. Furthermore, you can look up the packaging of the condoms to figure out what suits you the best.

Can lubricants be used with condoms?

Lubricants can be used with condoms and are known to make condoms more effective and comfortable by reducing friction and risk of any tear. Avoid over application of lubes and steer clear from all oil-based lubricants.