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Exploring sex toys can often feel a tad bewildering at first. You’re not alone in this; indeed, it emerges that over half of adults harbour curiosity about them but find themselves at a bit of a loss on where to begin.

Our guide is here to demystify the process, aiming to simplify your decision-making as you move through the plethora of options available. Whether you’re drawn to toys designed for women, men, or those made with couples in mind, we promise an enthralling expedition ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring sex toys means learning about different types like vibrators, cock rings, dildos, and restraints. Each offers unique ways to enjoy and feel good.
  • Safety is key when choosing sex toys. Look for body-safe materials like medical grade silicone and always clean your toys well.
  • Talking with your partner about using sex toys can make the experience better. It helps you understand each other’s likes and find what feels good together.
  • Using lube makes trying sex toys more comfortable and enjoyable. It helps things go smoothly, especially when starting out.
  • Starting with sex already feels new; take it slow and see what you enjoy. From light touches to powerful vibrations, there are many options for both women and men to discover joy.

Understanding the Different Types of Sex Toys

Exploring sex toys starts with knowing what’s out there. From vibrators to cock rings, each type offers a unique way to have fun and feel good.

Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrator

Satisfyer Vibes Mr. Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrator


We know vibrators are a big world to step into for beginners. With options like bullet vibrators, classic vibrators, personal massagers, and rabbit vibrators, there’s plenty to choose from.

Bullet vibrators stand out for being discreet and small—perfect for taking with you on the go. They’re the little secret companions in your travel bag. Then we have classic vibrators which are on the bigger side, great if you want something that feels full inside.

Rabbit vibrators are special because they do two things at once; they offer external and internal stimulation making them a favourite among many of our customers looking for female sex toys or couple sex toys.

It’s important to use these toys with lube to truly enjoy their potential; it makes everything smoother and more enjoyable. Vibrators come in all shapes and styles so exploring different erogenous zones becomes an exciting journey rather than a mundane task.

Whether you’re into male sex toys or gay sex toys as well, adding a vibrator can spice up solo sessions or moments with partners equally.

Screaming O The Big O2

Screaming O The Big O2

Cock Rings

Moving on from vibrators, let’s explore another exciting adult toy option: cock rings. These toys are a fantastic way to spice things up for both partners. They come in various types, including stretchy, solid, adjustable, and even those with additional features like vibrating or butt plug extensions.

Our experience shows that using them can lead to harder erections and the ability to last longer. Notably, the sensation enhancement is something many couples look forward to.

We’ve found that popular choices among our customers include the Adjustable Cock Ring for its custom fit; the Jumbo Super Stretchy “Sprocket” Cock Ring for an extra comfortable experience; and the Satisfyer “Endless Love” Couples Vibrating Cock Ring which adds vibrations into the mix for both partners’ pleasure.

It’s crucial to pick one that suits your size and comfort level — safety first! Choose body-safe materials and make sure it’s something you can easily use and clean.

From personal experience, it’s clear cock rings are more than just a tool for lasting longer—they greatly enhance pleasure during intimacy. Whether you’re exploring bondage gear or looking into sex toys UK wide online stores have available; adding a cock ring into your collection could be a game changer.

Always ensure proper fit and follow usage directions closely for the best experiences.

Shane Diesel Big Black and Realistic

Shane Diesel Big Black and Realistic


We’ve found that dildos, both classic and rabbit types, receive a lot of love from users for boosting pleasure. With many designs and materials out there, you have a wide array to choose from.

In our experience, trying different kinds helps you discover what really works for your body.

Using dildos has always been about enhancing the moment safely and responsibly. We make sure to follow all product instructions carefully. Whether it’s silicone or glass options, we opt for body-safe materials keeping things clean is just as crucial.

In sharing our journey with these toys, we’ve embraced various shapes and sizes to keep things interesting. From personal use to incorporating them with partners, these tools have certainly spiced up moments in memorable ways.

Deluxe Leather Suspension Handcuffs

Deluxe Leather Suspension Handcuffs


Moving from dildos, we find ourselves exploring restraints—a thrilling dimension of adult toys. Restraints like ropes, binders, bondage tape, and shackles add an edge to play, suited for both aesthetic pleasure and more intense sessions such as suspension or Dominant/submissive dynamics.

Our own experiences have taught us the value of trust and ongoing communication with our partners when incorporating these into our intimacy. Safety becomes paramount, especially when using items like collars and chokers that demand a proper fit to ensure breath safety.

Impact play introduces another layer into the mix with tools like floggers, paddles, canes, and whips. These are not just mere accessories but gateways to heightened sensations and deeper connections in play.

We’ve learned the hard way that starting slow is key—giving time for adjustment ensures every experience is pleasurable rather than overwhelming. From personal journeys with restraints, we’ve found setting clear boundaries beforehand makes all the difference in enjoying the moment fully while keeping an eye on each other’s well-being.

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy for You

Picking the right sex toy is all about what you like and want. Dive deeper for more details!

Consider your preferences and desires

We know finding the right sex toy starts with what we like and what feels good. Our preferences play a huge part in this choice. We all have different things that make us tick, and these can change any day.

It’s all about understanding our likes and dislikes. Exploring various types of sex toys helps us figure out which ones fit best.

This journey means looking into vibrators, dildos, cock rings, and more to learn what excites us. Since everyone’s body is unique, a toy one person loves might not do it for another—and that’s okay! The key is to try different kinds until something clicks.

glass sex toys

Icicles No. 24

Look for body-safe materials

Choosing the right materials is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. We always go for toys labeled “phthalate-free” or “medical grade.” These labels mean the product is safer to use.

Our favourite material? Genuine medical grade silicone, because it’s non-porous and hypoallergenic. This makes cleaning easy, keeping things hygienic.

We’ve also had great experiences with stainless steel and acrylic glass toys. They’re seen as the gold standards in our book. They feel incredible, and their safety profile is top-notch.

We steer clear of cheap imitations and stick to reputable brands known for their body-safe products. It has made all the difference in our adventures, ensuring both pleasure and peace of mind.

Easy to use and clean

We always look for toys that are simple to handle. Our favorites are those made from non-porous materials, like silicone. These types don’t hold onto bacteria and you can wash them easily with soap and water.

Always check the cleaning instructions — we found that clear guidelines mean no guesswork later.

Our own experiences showed us the importance of maintenance. Regular cleaning keeps your toy safe for use every time. We make sure everything we pick can be cleaned quickly, letting us focus on fun rather than chores.

This care extends to storage too. Keeping toys in a dry, cool place ensures they last longer, giving us peace of mind and more value for our money.

Tips for First-Time Users of Sex Toys

Starting with sex toys can feel new and a bit scary. Just take it slow, use lots of lube, and find what feels good for you.

Communicate with your partner

Talking to your partner about sex toys can really make the experience better. We find that having this chat when we’re both feeling comfy helps a lot. It’s key because sharing what we like and want makes picking the right sex toys much easier.

Plus, using these toys can make getting to an orgasm simpler for us, thanks to all their different functions and feels.

We always aim to keep things open and honest between us. This way, we get more out of using adult toys together. It’s all about enhancing our time in bed by understanding each other’s desires deeply.

After all, knowing exactly what makes each other tick is what turns a good time into a great one with the help of our chosen toys.

ID Millennium 17 oz Pump

ID Millennium 17 oz Pump

Relax and explore your body

We take time to find out what feels good. This means being calm and getting to know our own bodies. It’s fun to try different things, like how we touch or what tools we use. Sometimes, changing speed or position makes a big difference in our joy.

Using toys during alone time or with partners helps us discover new spots that make us feel great. We learn which movements bring the most pleasure by experimenting with various settings on our vibrators.

This journey isn’t just about excitement; it also boosts our health by making us happier and more relaxed.

Through exploration, we’ve noticed that adding lubrication can turn a good experience into an amazing one, especially when trying new toys for the first time. Whether solo or with someone else, taking this personal adventure opens up a world of pleasure we might not have found otherwise.

Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 12 Pack

Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 12 Pack

Use lubrication

Lubrication plays a key role in making the use of sex toys more enjoyable and comfortable. It can greatly enhance the experience by reducing discomfort. That’s why we always suggest getting a good lubricant, especially if you are just starting to explore with sex toys.

For instance, Durex’s Pleasure Sets often come with lubricants that are safe to use with their products.

Choosing the right type of lubricant is as important as selecting the toy itself. The compatibility between the lubricant and your toy material matters a lot. We make sure any lubricant included in our sets matches well with the toys we offer, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience every time.

We also recommend checking what kind of lubes work best for each toy – some materials might degrade with certain types of lube. This bit of knowledge helps keep your toys in good shape while ensuring maximum pleasure during use.

Popular Options for Women

For women keen on exploring, there are toys that aim right at joy. From gentle touches to powerful waves, each option promises a journey of discovery.

Posh 7 Function Lovers Remote Bullet

Posh 7 Function Lovers Remote Bullet

Clitoral stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are a top pick for women stepping into adult toys. These gadgets work magic on the clitoris, often using air suction to create gentle pressure. This is different from direct touch and can lead to intense pleasure.

They’re especially good for beginners because they’re small and simple in design. Many women love these toys because they focus right where many feel the most joy. The use of light air pressure makes them stand out from other types. Plus, their size and how easy they are to handle make them ideal for anyone starting out with sex toys.

Choosing one of these means picking a toy that’s known for being effective and friendly for those new to exploring their bodies with gadgets. They invite you to discover new levels of excitement in a comfortable way, making them a perfect first choice.

bswish Bwild Classic Bunny Vibrator

bswish Bwild Classic Bunny Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators

Moving from just outside pleasures with clitoral stimulators, we take a step further into rabbit vibrators. These toys are magic for those who crave both external and internal joy at once.

They’re known for delivering blended orgasms that can feel like nothing else. Our favourite pick? VUSH’s Muse stands out with its 8 modes and 5 levels of intensity, offering various ways to explore and enjoy sensations.

Rabbit vibrators shine in their versatility. With options that are waterproof, cleaning them becomes less of a chore, and they become perfect companions for some bath or shower fun.

Imagine relaxing in warm water while the vibrations work their charm – it’s easy to see why these toys hold a special place.

Choosing one comes down to what makes you tick. If you desire strong internal stimulation matched with delightful external vibes, rabbit vibrators are ideal. The right toy might just transform your solo sessions or add an exciting layer to playtime with a partner.

Vive Nilo Purple Pinpoint Rotating G Spot Rabbit

Vive Nilo Purple Pinpoint Rotating G Spot Rabbit

G-spot vibrators

We’ve found that G-spot vibrators are fantastic for hitting just the right spot. Ricky’s Ultimate Wand Massager Vibrator, with a score of 84/100, tops our list. It’s all about precision and pleasure, making it a favourite for those exploring their G-spot.

The designs vary too; some are ribbed while others resemble fully insertable “egg” shapes, offering different kinds of excitement.

For couples looking to spice things up, we recommend the We-Vibe Rave App Controlled Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator. Its remote control option opens up new ways to connect and enjoy together.

From our experience, having this variety in design and control makes exploring all the more fun and exciting.

Popular Options for Men

For men looking to explore, cock rings and prostate massagers stand out as top picks. Find out more by reading further.

Optimale Silicone Vibrating CRing Waterproof Cocking

Optimale Silicone Vibrating CRing Waterproof Cocking

Cock rings

Cock rings help create stronger, longer-lasting erections. They come in several types like stretchy, adjustable, vibrating, and metal options. For instance, the LELO TOR 3 Vibrating Couples’ Ring ups the game with its 8 pulsing patterns and a generous 120-minute playtime.

It’s an example of how these toys can spice things up.

Another great find is the Sinful Dual Motor Couples 2-way Cock Ring. This one stands out with its 3 speeds and 7 moving modes. The variety available shows how versatile cock rings can be, catering to different preferences and desires.

We always look for ways to enhance experiences and pleasure. Products like these demonstrate innovation in adult toys by not just focusing on function but also on adding enjoyment for both partners during their intimate moments.

Naughty Bits Lit Clit Teenie Weenie Wand

Naughty Bits Lit Clit Teenie Weenie Wand

Prostate massagers

We know that prostate massagers are tools designed for sexual pleasure, often electronic and precisely curved to stimulate the prostate. This kind of stimulation can greatly enhance pleasure.

It’s crucial we use body-safe materials and keep these toys clean to avoid any risks, such as getting them stuck or infections from not cleaning properly. We also suggest starting slow and using plenty of lubrication to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Prostate massagers stand out among adult toys for men because they specifically target an area known for its role in intense sexual satisfaction. For safety, we pick products that are easy to use and clean, ensuring a safe experience every time.

Following these simple tips can lead to a much more pleasurable and worry-free experience with these fantastic toys.


Exploring sex toys opens up new paths to happiness in our intimate lives. We get to know what we really like and how we enjoy feeling. It’s about safety, fun, and finding what fits us best.

Let’s keep things clean, talk with partners, and stay curious. Together, we can make our experiences more exciting and fulfilling.


Where do I start with sex toys?

Start with something simple and user-friendly, like a small vibrator or a basic dildo.

Can I use sex toys if I’m in a relationship?

Yes, many couples enjoy using sex toys together to enhance their sexual experience.

How do I know what size of toy to get?

Begin with smaller sizes and gradually explore larger options as you become more comfortable.

Are there any safety tips I should follow?

Always read the instructions carefully, clean your toy before and after each use, and use the right type of lubricant to prevent damage.

How often should I replace my sex toys?

Replace your sex toys if they show any signs of wear and tear or every few months for hygiene reasons.