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As the world slowly encourages change and perception forging patterns, it also affects the world of sex toys. With a huge change in recent years, the tantalising world of passion and pleasure is crafting its future of sex toys. With innovations in modern technology, the intimate world of sexual pleasure is pushing its boundaries. So far, it has seen major advancements, from a simple dildo to vibrators that support Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, there are sex toys that can learn your preferred pattern so that you don’t have to do any work. So, without any delays, step into the world where satisfaction meets innovation with For The Closet. Let us briefly look into what the future of sex toys holds, including trends and predictions for the future.

Sex Toys are on the rise

The earliest sex toys date back to the Roman era. However, there are several speculations and proofs that only experts can identify. So, let’s eradicate that and focus on the modern world’s connection with these sexual gems. The debut of the first sex toy occurred nearly half a decade ago. Since then, there has been a stigma associated with them. Despite that, numerous people supported the notion but did not publicly advocate for the toys. However, the times have changed recently. Currently, the sex toy industry is experiencing a sexual revolution. It is on the rise like no other industry. The surprising increase came during a time when it was least expected: during the COVID-19 lockdown stretch.

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Vibrators are making the change happen

Vibrators are the most common and most loved sex toys of all time. Earlier, it was a dildo due to its closest emulation of a penis. However, with the inclusion of technology, vibrators have been on the rise. It single-handedly leads the entire sex toy market.

Over recent years, it has seen an average of 13% increase in annual growth. Furthermore, it constitutes a massive $6.5 billion or 53,60,19,25,000 pounds value in the market revenue.

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There is a huge room to grow, even for new companies

Till now, we have established a change in people’s perception regarding sex toys. Additionally, we have also touched upon how the sex toys market is growing. Furthermore, we have also looked at the numbers that only a single product holds.

After looking at the possibility of business in the industry, it is only obvious for people and companies to dive into this industry. Well, if you are also thinking the same, the timing cannot be better than ever. This is because, despite the increase in appeal for sex toys, there are only little to no big names in the industry. For example, when talking about condoms or lubes, people can quickly point out multiple companies that offer great quality and optimum products. However, when talking about sex toys, especially niche toys, the market is still open to be captured.

This opens the door for new and sapling companies to establish themselves in the world of sex toys. Unlike other industries, sex toys don’t need an offline store. Moreover, customers prefer purchasing sex toys online because of the privacy and secrecy it offers. This makes things as simple as setting up a social media account.

All one needs is an e-commerce website, an efficient packaging unit, and a tie-up with a reputed delivery partner.

Pro Tip: Women are the sole factor for success in the industry

Recent market trends have noticed a changing gender dynamics within the industry. While men own more than 70% of traditional sex toy companies, women are now dominating the landscape of sex toy startups.

This is because the majority of sex toy users are women. Furthermore, there are more sex toys in the market for women than there are for men unless you are really into some kinky stuff (*wink wink*).


The sex toys market is far from being a winner-takes-all scenario. Even though it is at an all-time high, it still needs solid names that resonate top-notch quality, customer service and premium products. Furthermore, apart from products, the industry also needs a brand that can vocalise the need and benefits of sex toys to the global public. It is a wide-open landscape to preach a stigma-free, direct-to-consumer (D2C) experience and embrace modern innovations at the same time.