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Starting to explore sex toys with your partner might seem a bit intimidating at first – we understand. Interestingly enough, a whopping 75% of couples have reported a boost in their relationship satisfaction after welcoming toys into their intimate moments.

This blog is here to guide you on how to effortlessly broach the subject and pick out the perfect toy together. Are you ready for an exciting journey?

Key Factors

  • Talk about adding sex toys with your partner to see how they feel. Use kind words and listen well.
  • When choosing a toy, think about what both of you like. Start with something simple and safe.
  • Trying out the toy should be fun. Talk, give feedback, and make sure everyone is happy.
  • Keep things clean for safety. Wash toys with soap and water after use.
  • Enjoy exploring new things together to make your relationship stronger.
Posh 7 Function Lovers Remote Bullet

Posh 7 Function Lovers Remote Bullet

Understanding Your Partner’s Comfort Level

To bring sex toys into your relationship, first, we need to chat with our partner about how they feel. It’s all about being kind and making sure they’re okay with trying something new.

Communication is key

Talking to each other is at the heart of getting closer and understanding desires. It’s proven that chatting about what we like and how we feel boosts not just our bond but also lights up our time together in the bedroom.

This chit-chat has a big impact on feeling excited, happy, and connected. Research tells us couples who talk freely about their likes can really help keep that spark alive, especially in long relationships.

For both men and women, being open leads to better moments together—from feeling more turned on to enjoying things more fully. Women often notice even bigger positives from this kind of honesty.

And it’s not all about the good times; sharing our worries or troubles can bring us closer too. Solving problems gets easier when we tackle them together through talking.

So, we make sure to share thoughts with each other because it makes everything else better—from how close we feel emotionally to how much fun we have together. Keeping secrets doesn’t help anyone, so laying everything out there increases trust and joy between us.

Start small

We know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe in our intimate moments. So, starting small with intimacy aids can be a great way to ease into the exploration of sexual wellness products together.

Opting for smaller, less intimidating pleasure enhancers allows us both to get familiar with using adult toys without feeling overwhelmed. It’s like dipping our toes in the water before entering the deep end.

Choosing something simple as our first romantic enhancement can make a huge difference. We could go for a small sensual aid that’s easy to use and understand. This approach respects our boundaries while still adding an exciting new element to our relationship.

Women who share their SEAs are more likely to report past diagnoses related to not cleaning them properly.

With this in mind, we ensure cleanliness is part of our routine right from the start, addressing concerns about bacterial vaginosis associated with failure to always clean these items before use—a healthy habit as we gradually introduce more intricate intimate gadgets into our experiences together.

Respect your partner’s boundaries

We always make sure to respect our partner’s boundaries. This means we listen closely and understand their comfort level without any judgement or pressure. It’s important to accept that each person has different limits and feelings about sexuality.

We show that we value our partner’s limits by never pushing beyond what feels okay for them.

Acknowledging our partner’s boundaries makes us more aware of how to approach new experiences together, like introducing sex toys. After making sure we’re both comfortable, we can move on to discussing how the idea might add fun and excitement for both of us.

Sailor Bondage Kit

Sailor Bondage Kit

Introducing the Idea

We can chat with our partner about trying something new to make things exciting. We tell them it’s all about having fun together and feeling good.

Present it as a fun and exciting experience

Talking about bedroom activities, we all agree that adding something new can be a blast. So, introducing sex toys isn’t just about spicing things up; it’s about creating memorable experiences together.

We see this as starting an adventure where both of us are set to discover uncharted territories of pleasure and intimacy.

From our experience, making the introduction as exciting as unwrapping a gift works wonders. It turns the whole idea into a game where exploring each other’s hot spots becomes thrilling.

Shopping for toys together adds to the fun – it’s like planning our mutual exploration trip with both our likes in mind. This way, passion and excitement become the main focus, setting aside any awkwardness.

We found that emphasising mutual pleasure transforms the journey into one filled with anticipation and joy. Each toy opens doors to new ways of giving and receiving pleasure, deepening our connection even more.

Sharing these discoveries makes every moment feel like stepping into new areas of pleasure where intimacy flourishes beyond imagination.

Emphasize mutual pleasure

We understand that bringing toys into the bedroom is all about enhancing mutual enjoyment. It’s a way for both of us to explore our sensuality and deepen our intimate connection. Sex toys have this amazing ability to add excitement and passion, making every moment more intense.

For us, it’s not just about spicing things up; it’s about creating shared experiences that are filled with pleasure.

Through exploring sexuality together with toys, we’ve found that our intimacy has grown leaps and bounds. It’s like discovering new layers of each other’s desires and pleasures that we didn’t know existed before.

We’ve learned how these moments of exploration can significantly boost sexual satisfaction for both partners. The joy comes from seeing each other in a state of bliss, knowing you’re both fully engaged in experiencing mutual pleasure.

It’s been an exhilarating journey for us to enhance our sensuality through shared experiences. As we consider the types of toys that might suit us best, it’s exciting to think about all the possibilities out there waiting to be discovered together.

Lulu Satin Scoop Mini Vibrator

Lulu Satin Scoop Mini Vibrator

Choosing the Right Toy

Picking the right toy means thinking about what you both like. Let’s explore options together, keeping fun and comfort in mind.

Consider your partner’s preferences

We always make sure we think about what our partner likes and doesn’t like. This means looking at things they enjoy in other parts of life can give us clues. For toys, this could mean choosing something with the right vibration level if they love a strong sensation or picking a quiet toy if they need discretion.

We look at reviews together to see what others say and consider battery life or if it’s rechargeable, important for uninterrupted fun. Size matters too, so we discuss preferences openly – whether a mini vibrator for beginners feels right or maybe exploring BDSM with beginner-friendly bondage gear intrigues us both.

Next up, exploring different types of toys is exciting. From cock rings to remote control toys that offer new ways to connect, we’re open to finding something that adds an extra spark.

Explore different types of toys together

Exploring different types of toys together can be a journey of discovery. There are many options like cock rings, strap-ons, and remote control toys that add excitement. We also consider solo toys such as vibrators for foreplay enhancement.

Anal toys, double-ended dildos, and sex toy sets open up more possibilities for us to enjoy together. Finding good guides online helps us choose functional, body-safe toys that fit our budget.

We make it fun by trying out playful accessories and intimate devices designed for couple’s play. This brings us closer and adds an element of control with remote-controlled gadgets.

Every choice reflects our preferences, aiming for mutual pleasure through these sensual enhancers.

Real Skin American Whoppers Dong With Universal Harness

Real Skin American Whoppers Dong With Universal Harness

Trying It Out

Getting ready to try something new can be exciting. Keep an open mind and communicate every step of the way.

Take your time

We understand that trying out new things can be a bit of a journey. We always make sure we’re both comfortable and happy to move forward. This part is crucial for us. It’s all about enjoying the process together, without any rush.

We’ve found setting aside specific time helps keep our experiences light-hearted and fun.

We also learned communication plays a pivotal role during this phase. Talking openly about what feels good or doesn’t ensures we both enjoy exploring intimacy further. Regularly cleaning our toys with soap and water became part of our routine too, ensuring safety remains a priority in our adventures together.

Keep an open mind

We know that trying out new things can sometimes make us feel uneasy, especially when those things break the norm. Many folks hesitate to bring sex toys into their relationships because of deep-seated beliefs or marketing images they’ve seen.

But here’s the thing – keeping an open mind could lead you and your partner to discover incredible new levels of pleasure and intimacy. It’s not just about the physical sensations; it’s also breaking down barriers and stigmas that might have held us back.

We’re not saying to push past clear boundaries, but rather, be willing to explore openly together.

Having this willingness means addressing any fears head-on and listening with empathy. If we come across resistance or discomfort, it’s crucial we talk about it honestly, without judgment.

This journey is as much about emotional connection as it is about physical exploration. So let’s stay curious and supportive of each other’s feelings throughout this process, embracing experimentation as a path towards greater closeness.

Communicate and give feedback

Talking and sharing our thoughts is vital. We know that a huge part of women, about 31.8%, share sexual experiences with their partners. This shows us how essential it is to speak up and let each other know what feels good or not.

Chatting openly helps make sure everyone enjoys the moment. It’s also important for us to listen and respond honestly during these times. We learn that up to 96% of women clean their toys regularly. Yet, there’s a bit of confusion on how best to do this among many people.

Sharing tips on cleaning can be part of our conversation too. This way, we both contribute to making our experience safer and more enjoyable.

Giving feedback should be immediate. Say what works right in the moment, so we keep doing those things that bring joy., Listening carefully when one of us has something to say makes all the difference too., Keeping this exchange going strengthens our bond and guarantees fun times together.

Have fun and enjoy the experience

After sharing thoughts and feedback, we’re ready for the next exciting step. Exploring with sex toys is all about adding fun and variety to our intimacy. These little additions can bring us closer, allowing us to discover new pleasures together.

It’s a journey where each of us learns more about what makes the other happy. We know that these toys are here to make good things even better between us, not replace anything in our relationship. Trying out new experiences brings a sense of adventure into our bedrooms.

Keeping an open mind helps us enjoy every moment without any pressure. This openness leads to deeper satisfaction and strengthens our connection.

Taking it slow gives both of people time to adjust and feel comfortable with this new element in their relationship. We chat about what feels good and what could be even better next time—this way, experimenting becomes something we eagerly look forward to together.

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Rocks Off Chaiamo Burgundy Rechargeable Vibrator


Bringing sex toys into our relationship can truly open up exciting doors and bring us closer. We’ve talked about understanding each other’s comfort levels, making the introduction fun, choosing the right toy together, and how to try them out.

By keeping communication open, respecting boundaries, and exploring new pleasures together, we strengthen our bond. Let’s keep an open mind and enjoy this journey into enhancing our intimacy. Together, we’ll make these experiences enriching and unforgettable for both of us.


What’s the best time to talk about bringing sex toys into our relationship?

Pick a relaxed, private moment when you’re both feeling good.

How should I start the conversation about using sex toys with my partner?

Start by asking what they think about adding something new and exciting to your intimacy.

What if my partner feels unsure or says no to using sex toys?

Respect their feelings, and suggest revisiting the idea later on.

Are there specific types of sex toys that are good for beginners?

Yes, simple vibrators or small massagers are great starters.

Can introducing sex toys improve our relationship?

Absolutely, it can spice things up and bring you closer through new shared experiences.