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Ways to Perfectly Clean Your Sex Toys

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Sex is an intimate experience. From the initial days of fantasizing about the sweet pleasure of closeness, one always romanticizes with their dear ones or the one they really feel attracted to. As the experience progresses and the understanding develops, toys can generally be introduced into the fiery play of action. There are several sex toys available in the market that can complement any area of desire or touch the nerves of some of the most specific fantasies one daydreams of. They can add the spark to an intimate duo and can make life in the bedroom spicy as well as adventurous. From exploring the indecent side to mastering the art of pleasure, sex toys can easily keep making appearances for you and your partner. 

Since these pleasurable appliances are majorly usable, so like any other product, they need a certain amount of maintenance to last longer and be of maximum efficiency.…

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Initiating Healthy Post-Coital Aftercare Practices

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We all love sex; and everything that comes around it. Be it foreplay, cuddling, or charismatic chemistry. There is a plethora of content available on the net around all these aspects of the sensuous activity. But while all these areas of what goes in the bedroom are important, there are other quarters that are equally primal for a healthy and flourishing endeavor under the sheets. It is well known that an exciting life lies all around the missionary position and not just in that very arrangement. Hugging, kissing, caressing, pecking, getting handsy and a little indecent are proportionately necessary as they make foreplay fun and engaging, but so is the aftercare and understanding of our emotions and bodies requirements post-coital activities. 

When we talk about aftercare in regards to sex toys, we don’t mean taking care of our bodies in their physical element; well not exactly. It is more importantly coined towards the mental, psychological and emotional turbulences that can occur within ourselves.…

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The Best Spanking Paddles: Punish Your Naughty Submissive

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Who doesn’t like a little spanking sprinkled in with their BDSM? Spanking is a excellent way to stimulate all those sensitive nerve endings, and whether you like to receive a slap or a tickle, it never fails to release a ton of endorphins – a feel-good factor for your brain! So regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to a little impact play, or an old hand, there are plenty of ways to keep this style of bondage fresh, because it is so versatile.

A good spank on your behind increases the blood flow to your genitals, which in turn enhances arousal, but you needn’t stop at just that – Hands, feet, thighs, breasts, pecs and shoulders can all withstand a certain amount of contact, but the area that you intend to spank can determine if you should use specially-made bondage gear or not, and how you make contact with the body, as some areas are better suited to receiving softer, yet quicker, strikes, while others befit harder, concise hits.…

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The Best Sexy Gifts For Your Man!

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It’s always great to put some time and effort into spicing up your love life; therefore, this blog is here to help you discover the best adult devices available to treat and pleasure the man in your life. Here are some gift suggestions that will not fail to the spice back into your sex life:

sex toysBlade By Fleshlight:

This item ranks as one of the highest rated textured masturbators; it’s aerodynamic, and has the textured inner of a “real feel” vagina, which covers the entire penis. The submersible Blade By Fleshlight is a great introduction to the Fleshlight range, with a non-anatomically correct opening, containing an intense suction function – which can be controlled by the end cap. These designs are some of the highest rated male sex toys – they’re designed with function in mind, which is a treat for newcomers and old hands alike. Blade, whether used with a partner, or during solo play, will certainly heighten your lover’s sensitivity and is capable of providing an veritable overload of pleasure!…

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The Basic Rules of BDSM (And What It’s All About)

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BDSM stands for Bondage-Discipline-Sadism-Masochism. There are many areas of sexual arousal which are classified under the umbrella term BDSM, depending on whether you’re more inclined to lean towards being a dominant, or a submissive, participant.

Bondage usually takes the form of a mild punishment; being restrained, often with tethers of some kind, whilst your punishment is administered. This restraint-punishment can then escalate in intensity, up to extreme pain, and subsequently to the point of possibly being defined as “torture”. Regardless of what level of BDSM you enjoy, it should always be consensual, safely played out, and kept sane.

Many couples are discovering that bondage can be a sensual and erotic experience, which is the vital approach towards BDSM, and experimenting with bondage restraints, to spice up their sexual play. The dominant partner (or Dom) performs the tying and administering; while the other – the submissive (or Sub) – is being tied and receiving.…

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Show Them Who’s Boss!

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If you really want to make an entrance wherever you go, and guarantee that your partner’s eyes are on you – and solely on you – then perhaps you need to do a little thinking about assembling that perfect ensemble. It’s time to take charge, and put the string back into your sex life’s tail!

There really is nothing sexier than tight-fitting, curve-hugging leather, teamed together with buckles or lace. There’s a variety of outstanding leather fetish clothing available, ranging from pants and leggings, to basques and corsets. Fetish wear flatters women of all shapes and sizes, and teases your partner’s eye; to showcase the perfect curvature of the feminine form. So there you have it; you have the attitude, you have the look… but what can make or break an outfit are the accessories, and nothing says “I’m in charge and you are under my command!” than tantalising, tormenting and punishing with a flogger.…

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Magic Wand Attachments, For Guys And Girls

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Massage wand vibrators are a type of high-class personal massager. These particular adult toys are available in many varieties and styles, ranging from extra-large wands, and rechargeable wands, all the way to extra-small wands, which are often known as smart wands.

If you are fortunate enough already to own one of these top-end toys, then you’ll probably be aware of just why they have gained such a good reputation, but if you’re merely at the stage of considering purchasing one of these revolutionary items, then it’s worth knowing that if you do happen to do so, then you are investing in a world of new sexual opportunity and exploration; massage wands are capable of a number of varying vibrating speeds and pulsating patterns. They are designed to be long-lasting and very durable, as most are constructed from high-grade materials, enabling them to withstand a great deal of pressure and use.

One of the reasons that these toys enjoy such an excellent reputation is due to their use of wand attachments.…

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Using A Sex Toy For The First Time

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The sex toy industry is one of the largest and one of the oldest industries in the world. It is thought that dating back to the Egyptians and even possibly the neolithic era, with the discovery of stone carved dildos. When you have purchased your first sex toy; it is very natural to feel a little nervous, as you are not sure what type of stimulation it is going to create, and whether you will like the feel of it?

sex toys uk

Of course; anything which you are not enjoying or if your experience any kind of discomfort, you must stop. It is best to take some time out just for yourself, make sure that distractions are well out of the way, and treat yourself to some pampering. Take a long hot bath soaking in bubbles, take your time. When your water gets cold, add some more hot! I’m sure you are getting the picture that I am trying to paint?…

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Sex Toys For Gay Couples!

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Spring is fast approaching! – and there’s no better time to put some extra effort into spicing up your sex life.

There are many ways that you can treat, and pleasure, your partner, but experimenting with male sex toys can really ramp up the heat between the sheets – and there are some really awesome devices on the market right now, which are designed specifically for men; changing our perception of gay sex toys, and focusing primarily on versatility and longevity.

male sex toysVibrating Prostate Massagers have a slim body, ideal for easy insertion, and boast an angled tip for prostate stimulation. Some designs double up as a perineum massager; these are great tools for expanding anal foreplay, as they provide just the right amount of stimulation, allowing you a comfortable fit, reaching all the right places.

Fleshlight is the number one male masturbator; fully BodySafe, aerodynamically designed and available in textured sleeves, these toys are also constitute a great accessory for water play, due to their being fully submersible.…

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Women’s Sex Toys: Get The Personal Touch

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The Clone A Willy designers are renowned for manufacturing realistic, customised, state of the art, skin-mimicking resins, which supply a realistic and detailed finish to their works. The saga began when Empire Labs, an enterprise which originated in San Francisco during the nineteen-nineties, were approached by a film company to create realistic penis replicas.

It was here that a classic was born! It didn’t take the creative minds at Empire Labs long to design a retail version, and soon, these kits were featured on a variety of TV programs, and have also since enjoyed spotlight appearances in many a well-known Hollywood film too; what better recommendation could you want?

This fun and the funky kit is an essential addition to one’s foreplay; when it comes to women’s sex toys, it’s truly exquisite – and highly personalised. These wonderful creations came in all shapes and sizes, and the kit is easy to use and provides you with everything that you need to make a replica of your penis.…

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