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Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs

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  • Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs - For The Closet
  • Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs - For The Closet
Product Code: 0528641
£25.18 £20.14


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EAN 4024144528899
FEATURES Removable Fur Trim
WASHING Wipe down
BRAND Various Toy Brands

Have you been misbehaving? Or do you need to lay down the law on someone else? These handcuffs are here to ensure that pleasure is enforced.

You have the right to remain satisfied when you choose to lock yourself or another in these plush, black handcuffs. The fur trim not only provides a slice of luxury in imprisonment, but can also be removed, so, if someone has been really naughty, they can receive a rougher treatment.

The option to set the lock with a click or a key means there is more than one way to enjoy these cuffs. If you would like to spring a surprise on your captor, you can simply unclick to slip out of your bind and turn the tables on them.

Alternatively, you could give them the key and be truly dominated and at their mercy, or hold all of the power yourself. What's certain is that there is definitely more fun to be had being bad, and these handcuffs are ready to enforce that law.

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