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A Guide To Anal Beads

Anal beads are a row of beads joined together by a string or solid piece of soft rubber, designed to enhance anal play and stimulation. Sometimes the beads begin tiny and get increasingly larger as you catch up to the handle. Other times they are identical in size all the way through the length of string or rubber. At the handle end, there will be an oversized hoop to permit the user to drag the beads out, and to prevent the whole string from slipping up into the body, which saves you an embarrassing trip to the hospital. Below you’ll find some basic information on how to use anal beads, and whether they sound like the kind of toy you would like to incorporate into your sex life.


It is always best to use a personal lubricant when using anal beads. Water based lubricants are an ideal choice as these lubricants are compatible with the majority of sex toy materials. If you are using anal beads which are made from a metal, then using a special anal lube such as silicone lubricant is better. Always use a generous amount on both the beads and your anus upon insertion. Thicker lubes tend to work better for anal toys, as it sticks around and won't slide off them, but don't be scared to add more lubricant if you feel that you need it. If you intend on sharing your anal beads, then you can cover them with a condom. This is also another way to keep them clean, so they last longer and will reduce the transmission of any infections.


Condoms can change the way the beads feel if they are playable or soft. If they tend to be firm, then using a condom over the top won't change the feel of them. Even if you plan on using your beads with a partner, it is always best to try them out by yourself. This allows you to know how far you wish to take them and how they feel inside of you. So take your time to discover just how you like to be stimulated with these items as they can take a little getting used to, if you are new to them. Make sure you are feeling aroused before you start playing with your new beads. Try to relax as much as you can, as this will help with the insertion and they will penetrate you smoothly.


Anal beads directly, don't cause any anal stimulation once they are inside of you. For many people they neither feel good or bad, and the pleasure comes from when the beads get pulled out, as they pass along the sphincter muscles they cause a tremendous amount of stimulation to the delicate nerve endings causing a massaging sensation. Once you are feeling aroused and you are relaxed, start by inserting the beads one at a time. Begin slowly and take note of whether you like how they feel.


If you are struggling to get them inside of you, then add more lubricant. If there is any pain, then take things slower. Once the beads are inserted you can stimulate yourself in ways that work best for you. When you feel like you are on the brink of climax, slowly pull out the beads; you will soon learn what works best for you. But for your first time it is always best to start off slow and get quicker with experience. There isn't any right or wrong for when you need to start to pulling them out, do what feels best for yourself.


When using anal beads with a partner; you can really build things up by teasing them, as they are great for a little power play. Of course you must take care as it is very easy to tear the delicate tissue of anus, so you must have good communication with your lover, at all times to use these toys safely and sensibly. Always start off with the smaller beads and work your way up to the larger varieties. It must be mentioned, when women use anal beads, you must be careful not to pass fluids from the anus to the vagina, as bacteria will spread very quickly and cause all kinds of problems. It is always best to keep anal play separate from vaginal play or make sure you use a condom over your toys and latex gloves.


There is a lot of pleasure to be found using these adult toys. They are highly underrated, but soon become a firm favourite for those who enjoy anal play. There are many varieties available including anal bead kits which allow you to increase the size of beads gradually. These kits are ideal for those who are into anal play as different sized beads can provide a varied stimulus. These adult devices should at be tried by men and women alike, of course just like massage, some people enjoy the sensation whereas others can not stand it. It really is a personal preference, but can not be determined until you have tried them. These devices are available to suit all budgets and make a brilliant extra used alongside other sex toys to create a powerful and highly stimulating experience.


Anal beads can also be found incorporated within other adult devices. Some vibrators will have a beaded anal probe which works in the same way as the beads. Others can be inflatable and are available with male sexual training aids. There is so much to discover and so much pleasure to be found with these items, as there are anal beads to suit everyone's needs as they are available in many styles and sizes and from a variety of materials, which aid easy insertion to let everyone experience some of the finest anal stimulation which isn't always spoken about with this highly underrated anal play toy which is increasing in popularity every year, it hasn’t hard to see why, once you have taken your first steps into finding out just how much stimulation can be achieved by using these simple toys incorporated into anal play and foreplay.