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Fleshlight is one of the fastest selling adult toys for a male. It resembles a flash light in its structure but the top is a pink skin like material with three options where it resembles a mouth, vagina or anus. The internal material for this male masturbator has the same feel like what it is when you’re inside a woman. There are various kinds of Fleshlights including porn star mouths, pussies or anus, Stamina Training Unit, Flesh light, Freaks etc.


Whatever your fetish is, choose the style that will give you the maximum pleasure. The accessories for Fleshlights include shower mounts, V Stroker and Lubrication and cleaning. The shower mount can be attached to a tile or a wall while giving you the freedom to enjoy the toy handsfree while the V stroker has a vibrating mount and not just that, it comes with a USB driver and when that is put on a computer, you get porn specifically made for you. It would replicate what an intercourse with your favorite adult superstar would be like. Then, a variety of lubes, wash spray as well as renewing powder are also available to insure that your toy is clean and as good as new, always. 



Renew powders for a new like feel, lubricants for a super smooth experience & a host of other Fleshlight Accessories all at one place for you. Splurge away!