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Pony Plug

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Explore and discover equine eroticism with a pony plug and a pony bit gag. Whether you’re a beginner at pony play or an advanced BDSM lover, a pony bit gag and pony plug will pleasure you alike. Add reins and restraints on your partner with a pony bit gag and further with a pony plug’s fronds, whip your lover to experience a thrill like never before. These toys are harsh enough to rough up the play but designed to zero down any sort of discomfort for your partner. No wonder they say, with exquisite pony plugs and pony bit gags in your collection of sexual pleasure accessories, everybody is a winner!


If pony play is your thing, rein in some anal pleasure with a pony plug or buy a naughty pony bit gag from our collection, made to please the BDSM lovers!