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Tenga Hole Lotion MILD
Tenga Hole Lotion MILD
£27.58 £22.06
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You are the master and you are the ruler of your orgasmic destiny!
You deserve the best and to help you feel the same, we offer a range of masturbation lubricants that will let you enjoy an extra slippery solo pleasure. Give yourself the massage of your dreams by adding a little masturbation lubricant on your hands and private area. What helps in achieving the heightened sensation with the use of masturbation lubricants is the friction free experience delivered by the lubes. The longer you use the masturbation lubricants, the better it gets. Browse through our range and pick the one that you like. Apply, and glide into your own world of heavenly satisfaction; because your satisfaction is in your hands eh! 


Explore our variety of masturbation lubricants for self play.Browse our collection for the best masturbation lubricants to have a fluid self play experience