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The Clone A Willy designers are renowned for manufacturing realistic, customised, state of the art, skin-mimicking resins, which supply a realistic and detailed finish to their works. The saga began when Empire Labs, an enterprise which originated in San Francisco during the nineteen-nineties, were approached by a film company to create realistic penis replicas.

It was here that a classic was born! It didn’t take the creative minds at Empire Labs long to design a retail version, and soon, these kits were featured on a variety of TV programs, and have also since enjoyed spotlight appearances in many a well-known Hollywood film too; what better recommendation could you want?

This fun and the funky kit is an essential addition to one’s foreplay; when it comes to women’s sex toys, it’s truly exquisite – and highly personalised. These wonderful creations came in all shapes and sizes, and the kit is easy to use and provides you with everything that you need to make a replica of your penis.

If you prefer female vibrators, then your cast can become just that, just add batteries if you wish, or you can merely use it as a dildo, the choice is yours! One of the best features of this kit is its realistic skin texture, and it’s available in various skin tones, allowing you to customise it for the perfect match. Of course, if you don’t wish to be quite so traditional, then this indispensable kit is also available in Hot Pink, Neon Purple and Jet Black! There are still other variations too; and these include a Glow-In-The-Dark variant, as well as a Candle-Making Kit, and of course, the deliciously naughty Chocolate-Making kit!

After ensuring that the penis you wish to clone is erect, all you need to do is measure the plastic tubing to the correct size, apply and blend your desired mixture and place the erect penis into the mould. It doesn’t take long to set – just four minutes – but it must be noted that the mixture can feel a little cold, so helping your partner stay erect will make for better results. Once you’ve taken the cast, and the mould has set, pour in your chosen mixture, place the vibrator that comes with the kit into the mould, and let the completed combination set for twenty-four hours so that it’s firm to the touch! Once the mould is removed, the silicone penis replica can be trimmed easily with scissors, and hey presto – you’re ready to go! Yes, it must be admitted that making these sex toys can be messy, but then again, cloning your partner’s penis isn’t something most people do on a regular basis. It can be a little tricky at first, but as long as you read the (straightforward) instructions beforehand, you shouldn’t go wrong.

These kits are a superb way to add some fun into your love-life – creating a realistic, uncannily detailed, vibrating silicone dildo should be a must for all couples! This product is totally BodySafe too – it doesn’t contain latex or phthalates; it really is an ideal gift. These kits are also excellent for helping one overcome their inhibitions, too, and of course, if you and your partner have to be apart for any length of time, it can certainly ease the torment of lustful longing and loneliness while you’re apart as well. So many uses for this excellent and unique toy, which is available at any good adult toy shop.