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The sex toy industry is one of the largest and one of the oldest industries in the world. It is thought that dating back to the Egyptians and even possibly the neolithic era, with the discovery of stone carved dildos. When you have purchased your first sex toy; it is very natural to feel a little nervous, as you are not sure what type of stimulation it is going to create, and whether you will like the feel of it?

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Of course; anything which you are not enjoying or if your experience any kind of discomfort, you must stop. It is best to take some time out just for yourself, make sure that distractions are well out of the way, and treat yourself to some pampering. Take a long hot bath soaking in bubbles, take your time. When your water gets cold, add some more hot! I’m sure you are getting the picture that I am trying to paint? Make sure your bedroom is relaxing and tidy, make it a welcoming atmosphere, somewhere where you can truly lose your mind into the delights of sheer pleasure.

Lubricants always make things easier, so make sure you have your lube to hand. Get to know your chosen sex toy. Play around with its functions and buttons so you get used to its settings and you can easily change from one to another when you so desire. Vibrators are great, as you can start off with a slower setting. If your chosen toy offers you dual control with a clitoral vibrator, then use just the one function, running it over the inside of your thighs. Use your toy over your breasts, as this will give you an indication of how the vibrations will feel on sensitive parts of your body.


If you enjoy the feeling it creates, make sure you use an adequate amount of lubricant; this not only reduces possible friction, but helps to make the experience feel real. Sex toys can be used in so many ways, but regardless of which you have chosen, take your time to really get to know your toy. Don’t even think about penetration until you are truly feeling aroused and turned on by it.

Run your toy over your labia and place the vibrations over your clitoris till you feel you are ready to insert the shaft inside of you. Slowly does it, there is no need to rush, and you are not trying to win a race, though it must be said when women first use a toy, the stimulation feels so powerful that it doesn’t take long till you reach climax. Of course you can really go to town and add accessories and little touches like massage candles to your play.

All these items are created to stimulate you in ways women have loved to be touched for centuries. Once you get started you will soon find that any hesitations soon diminish and you will be looking forward to a date with your chosen toy again. Masturbation has never felt so good when using a device that you have fallen in love with.