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Are you looking for new and exciting ways to ignite your sex life?

Then why not consider a little role-play with some fetish clothing or sexy costumes? This safe and sexy way to play will get your imagination flowing, and all you have to do is remember that role-play should always be fun; it is about acting out your sexual fantasies in new ways, that both appeal to you and your lover, and one of the easiest ways to implement this is with the use of sex toys.

You can adopt the persona of anyone you choose, but the idea can be a little daunting at first and not everyone feels they have the ability to transform themselves into a totally new character. However, having the perfect costume can really help you get “into” the part, and lessen the fear of embarrassment, and don’t worry – this fear is pretty regular, and it’s easy to overcome once you get started.

Sexy police costumes are a great way to introduce a little light bondage, as you can “arrest” your lover and make sure that they learn a lesson from their naughty behaviour. Remember, as well, that there are also male costumes available, to help make your scene even more believable, as you can both play a role.

It’s always best to talk to your partner prior to embarking on this sexual fun – as your fantasy may not be their fantasy, so take some time to discuss the details, how you would let that fantasy unfold – and how you would like your partner to be part of it. Being honest about how a fantasy feels for you is an excellent way to help you build your confidence.

Share your ideas, and once you have, you may find that you share some mutual fantasies; for instance, sexy school uniforms are highly popular with both men and women. Once you discover your mutual fantasies, you’ll have the preliminary elements of your role-play adventure coming together.

Remember that role-playing is all about immersing yourself in the concept of being a new character, and therefore, the emphasis is upon making the situation as sexy as possible – so you don’t get embarrassed and start to feel silly. Choose something which appeals to you, and keeping the fantasy in line with your environment – very often the bedroom, of course! – you will make it so much easier to stay in character, thereby allowing you to gain confidence very quickly. Another common fantasy is becoming a high-class prostitute to service your man for the evening; this particular fantasy works very well in the bedroom, and is great for character building, with very few props or costumes needed; why not employ the use of nipple tassels for a slow striptease and dance for your lover?

There’s so much choice available when it comes to costumes – in addition to the host of accessories and adult sex toys that are designed specifically with role-play in mind. You don’t need to spend lots of money to easily enter the world of role-playing, just as long as you have something sexy and provocative that will serve to boost your confidence, allowing you not only look hot but feel hot too – because, well…you are hot!

Once you get started, it’s really easy to get into character; just make sure you don’t get obsessive about it; over-thinking it will detract from the fun of the situation. So sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!