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Forced orgasm” is the term used for the act wherein a person is deliberately trying to prevent themselves from climaxing. It is a common way to play within the Bondage gear community, especially when it involves a dominant and a subservient partner or medical fetish – the submissive participant must delay their orgasm while they are within the controlling thrall of their spouse, who is nevertheless stimulating them. This can be done by performing sexual acts, and utilising vibrators, while the submissive partner is restrained via bondage equipment.

Being forced into orgasm by your spouse, or playmate, is a highly arousing and intensely erotic experience; there are advantages to it for both the dominant and the subservient partner: the submissive enjoys the sheer delight of orgasmic pleasure in the capable hands of their domineering partner. This can cause feelings of vulnerability and helplessness, which further heightens the experience, and the dominant partner forces the sub into orgasm as a way of punishment, control or humiliation, yet the process still revolves around the sensations of giving pleasure.

There are many sex toys and devices available which we can recommend to anyone who’s intrigued by the concept of this game; some are better than others, so here we take a look at some of the finest toys you can use to compel your lover to climax:

Magic Wand vibrators are a great instrument to help achieve forced orgasm; not only are they one of the most powerful vibes on the market, but they’re capable of varying speeds and pulsating patterns, and they can be attached to harnesses quickly.

Harnesses themselves can supply plenty of thrills themselves, and can provide you with the ultimate torment for your lover. Implementing a harness reduces the frustration of ropes slipping, and toys shifting position. Harnesses will lock a wand massager into place, using D-Ring mechanisms, so not only can the adult toy be held, but you also have the option to add further restraint, keeping pesky hands well away from pleasure centres. This gives you the freedom to apply other punishments and more stimulation while your partner experiences orgasms over and over again.

Using labia spreaders and clit clamps create the ideal opportunity for you to incorporate G-Spot vibrators, as the spreader will keep the vagina open, and exposed, directing the G- Spot massager to the exact spot, ready to receive; where it delivers a powerful and mind-blowing intense orgasm. Certain clamps can be used to keep the clitoris exposed while you provoke acute, direct sensations by manually using a clitoral stimulator or bullet vibrator – another technique that will drive your lover to knee-trembling, explosive climaxes.

Speculums, often used for medical play, can also be incorporated into forced orgasm too if you desire a little role-play. There are many ways in which you can perform this sexual act – your style of play may well determine what type of restraint you would prefer to use. Whatever way you decide on, rest assured that there are vibrators out there that will suit you and your playmate, for your use while they squirm and writhe under your command (even though, of course, they secretly long for more and more….!)