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A good sex toys shop can always be relied upon when it comes to stocking an excellent supply of differing men’s sex toys and penis sleeves, fantastic accessories which can spice up your sex life in no time at all.

Some of these masturbators are specially designed to grant guys some of the very best sensations in oral stimulation, by creating a vacuum, which encases your penis and envelops you in the glory of a sucking sensation, a fantastic simulation of the feeling of receiving a blow job. But what could be better than getting to discover what your favourite adult entertainment star’s mouth would feel like when wrapped around your penis?

Well, now you can, with the Fleshlight Girls range; not only can you experience the closest substitute to enjoying vaginal or anal sex with your favourite pornstar, but you can now also experience a Blow Job simulation, too, as the range offers you a penis sleeve which has been taken from a cast of the porn star’s mouth, which will suck you into the sleeve, for heightened pleasure that knows no bounds; you’re in control, so you know exactly what you like – and how you want to get it – at that very moment.

Tenga currently offers a range of toys which deliver amazing oral stimulation results, providing varying levels of suction, and textures which will never fail to provide a satisfying response. Some penis extenders not only allow you to boost your length and girth but they too also supply a vacuum, which creates a pleasurable sucking sensation while you wear them. All of these items are superb, either for playing with alone or with your partner; they’re there to enhance pleasure for the both of you while providing stimulation and greater sensory sensation.

You’ll also find that you stay harder, and will last longer when using these products, especially if the sleeve slides down to the base of your penis; this helps to maintain your erection, delivering further intensifying feelings for both you and your partner. Some sleeves have deep grooves and texture nubs also, and may even possess a small vibrator for yet more increased pleasure for either her or your balls, depending on where you wear your sleeve!

So whether you desire staying power, added girth, a manual masturbator or oral stimulation, the variety of penis sleeves available at a sex toy shop is an entry to a brand new exciting experience; you’ll be able to find one to suit your every need. These toys are often made from silicone, so when using a lubricant always make sure that your lube is compatible with your toy, otherwise you may accidentally end up melting it. If in doubt always use a water-based lube, as these are consistent with the majority of toys – and there’s nothing that says you can’t reapply if you need a little more; in fact, using a greater quantity of lube does, many men have reported, add to making it feel more like the real thing, as it intensifies the experience, as well as the suction power; making this an incredibly opportune time to explore this sensational array of male masturbatory products.