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The use of anal douches, and enemas, has sparked many discussions in recent years; not just with regards to the traditional aspect of deep cleaning before anal sex, but additionally within the BDSM and fetish communities as, in itself, it can be a highly erotic experience which can be incorporated into various scenes such as medical fetish using these anal toys.

Douches clean the anus prior to penetration, helping to prevent infection and ensuring that the back passage is as hygienic as possible, which in turn provides assurance that you don’t suffer any embarrassing mishaps, allowing you to simply relax, and fully enjoy your session of anal sex toys and play. Some people prefer to apply a douche before they partake in the act of rimming, as this minimises the spread of germs. It’s very easy, however, to get confused between the terms “douche” and “enema”, so just what is the difference between the two?

It all depends on the amount of water which each item holds – and how far into the back passage they clean. On average, a douche holds up to four hundred millilitres of water, whereas an enema bag is capable of containing up to two litres. In addition, an enema nozzle stretches farther into the anus, thus providing a much deeper – and profoundly intimate – cleansing experience.

Anal douches are certainly a viable option for both men and women who enjoy anal play, or who are considering an experimental attempt at anal sex; douches are a superb, affordable way to optimise the pleasure which anal sex and ass-play can supply. Douches are available in a variety of sizes, with differing types of nozzles; a basic nozzle is a straight, slim tube, which slides into the anus easily and comfortably.

There are also varieties of nozzles which are grooved or contain anal beads; these variations are included to emphasise satisfaction, and can actually be categorised as a sex toy. Furthermore, there are models on the market which boast longer nozzles, therefore providing increased cleaning, as well as, of course, nozzles with varying widths, allowing you a flexible, comfortable fit.

Anal sex toys and douches should fit your needs – and each type of nozzle you select produces a different spray pattern; with some models, the water shoots straight out in a thin stream, while others offer a wider flow, which cleans faster and more effectively.

When you purchase your douche or enema kit, it’s important to make sure that it’s thoroughly clean before you attempt to use it. Give it a good wash before filling the bulb with clean, lukewarm water, allowing it to fill by submerging the bulb fully in the water, and permitting the suction bulb to draw in the water.

Anal Lubricants always helps when you’re using anything in, or on, your butt – the skin around the sphincter is highly delicate, and can tear easily, so apply the lube to the opening of your anus, as well as the douche nozzle, which will then enable you to gently insert it inside. Once the nozzle is inserted, press the bulb, which will then release the water. Begin this process slowly, until you are sure how your body responds; slower motion often provides a gentler and more thorough experience. Remove the douche slowly, then retain the water inside until you feel the natural impulse to evacuate it. Simply repeat this procedure until you feel that you’re satisfied, and hey presto! Your task is complete!