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We essentially live in a world where we have more options for sex toys than places to order food from. There are toys that help you target your erogenous points inside your body while an extended part stimulates your clit from the outside. To add to the already enticing world of sex toys, there are toys that can link with an app to your mobile phone and basically make your toy completely hands-free. From vibration to intensity, all manageable through your phone. Sex toys in your arm are literally the only helping hand that you need.

While the world of sex toys is quite fascinating and a source of extreme excitement, the varying options can be confusing. You can read all the reviews of something that grabs your attention but we know that there is nothing like trying and testing toys yourself. Deep convulsions aren’t promised even when someone said that a vibrator worked for them and similarly, just because a harness didn’t work for someone does not mean it can’t work for you.

So, in essence, everything boils down to what is that perfect toy for you? Well, you’d be both, a little upset and glad, to learn that there actually isn’t anyone hotshot sex toy. It is sad that there isn’t one globally recognized toy since everyone has something different working for them. But look at the bright side, this leaves you a plethora of options to experience and experiment from. There is literally a world of excitement and pleasure waiting for you to knock. With this guide, you can narrow down the abundant sex toy options by comparing what these toy offer, what you personally need and what to keep in mind while making a purchase. But first, you just need to answer yourself “What are you looking for?”.

Outside Stimulation

Penetration is only a certain level of pleasure if external stimulation is not attended to. To all the men out there, this is the secret to knowing a female’s orgasm, stimulate from the outside. Hence, sex toys that offer stimulation outside of the clit are the most popular and promise the most. Unless you reside on the other side of the gender spectrum, in those cases these sex toys can help you in attaining quick erections. To your surprise, sex toys that offer external stimulation for men can also help improve the duration of an erection.

Sex toys offering outside stimulation come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So, to narrow down the list for you keep in mind the keywords intensity and breadth. If you are looking for a toy that offers stimulation on a wider area, go for a sex toy with broader tips that has a large surface area. Other than that, if you know your spots and are looking for more intense sensations in those areas, go for sex toys with smaller tips. This works for both, male as well as female sex toys.

Toys for Outside Stimulation

For women – Bullets, Vibrators, Vibrating Panties, Massage Wands

For men – Cock Rings (increases sensitivity around penis and scrotum), Strokers (emulate penetrative activities)

Inside Stimulation

Internal stimulation is as important as external stimulation in order to reach a deep and complete orgasm. After all, it is equally about the journey as the destination itself. Apart from the peeking clitoris, there are thousands of nerve ending inside the vagina that can provoke your body to shiver with pleasure. So, whether you are someone who likes the girth, someone who likes deeper penetration or someone who has found their sweet spot in something petite, the options are still endless.

On top of the choice, you can go for something fancier that offers rotating beads, hands-free control and even something that can thrust for you. If you plan on embracing your G-spot or want to experiment with it, you can find toys that are gently curved just to tap those areas inside your body. The latter goes for men as well. Men can discover their G-spot more intimately with the help of these toys too.

Toys for Inside Stimulation

For women – G-Spot Wands, Phallic Vibratos, Dildos, Massagers, Anal Beads

For men – Harnesses, Dildos, Curved G-Spot Fingers, Anal Beads

Dual Stimulation

Sex toys have advanced tremendously. These advancements offer us the choice of having our own cake and eating it too. You literally have the option of getting sex toys that do these tiring multitasking for you. As we discussed above, the road to reaching an orgasm depends upon both internal and external stimulation. Thanks to technology, now you can grab a dual-stimulating sex toy quite easily. Not only will these toys emulate the penetration but they will also wreak pleasure on your out clit at the same time. If you ask us, these are one of the most desired sex toys among women in today’s times.

Dual Stimulation Sex Toys

Double Hand Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, C-Shaped Vibrators (can also be worn during sex)

Now that you are accustomed to the majority of the most desired sex toys, it is just a matter of recognizing what experience you are looking for. But before purchasing any sex toy, there are certain things that you should make a note of so as to have a better sex toy experience.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Sex Toy

Read Reviews Without a Clean Slate

As we discussed beforehand in the blog, every toy works differently for everyone. So, read to know what people are thinking and try to learn from someone or something that has a similar stimulation to yours.


Always look for warranties when getting yourself a sex toy. It is a must. Do not accept anything that offers less than a year. That is how you know you are purchasing a trusted brand.

Experiment on a Budget

If you are in the market looking for a sex toy you have never tried, go for the cheaper option. Just make sure that you are purchasing from a legitimate buyer who is reputed. Midpriced options are the best.

Less is More (Mostly)

Despite the enticing option of 15+ vibrations, most users find their sweet spot in just few vibration modes and tend to stick with them.

Rechargeable is the Buzz

Rechargeable sex toys are more affordable now than ever plus, they are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, all those batteries are going to save you a lot of money in the long run.