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The appropriate lingerie may quickly perk up a boring sex life or give an extraordinary sex life a tremendous boost. However, it might seem a major task if you need to get used to shopping for underwear.

Many options leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to purchase. Following these pointers will ensure you choose underwear you and your boyfriend will like. This article has further helpful advice on how to engage in sexual exploration.

What Are The Types Of Lingerie Available?

Women of varying body types might find flattering options in today’s lingerie selections. Let us talk about the many lingerie options and the body shapes that look best in them.

  • Bikini 

A low-maintenance (but high-impact) outfit might be as simple as a pair of attractive knickers and a matching camisole or bra. A bikini is a traditional shape with a low rise (but not too low) and modest coverage in the rear.

  • Matching set

When describing lingerie, “matching set” refers to a bra and briefs of the same colour and design. All body shapes may feel comfortable in this lingerie. That’s because it does a similar job of highlighting your bust and hips. Wearing complementary lingerie will highlight your whole figure rather than only one part.

  • Corset

A corset is becoming more than simply an uncomfortable garment. A corset may make a woman feel alluring and appear like an hourglass figure. A corset is an excellent tool for creating an hourglass silhouette.

A corset’s snug fit and boning will make your waist seem smaller. If you have a pear or rectangular form and desire an hourglass silhouette, this underwear can help you achieve your goal.

  • Chemises and Babydolls

Babydolls and chemises are both short nightgowns, but they are very distinct from one another. The typical length of a chemise is about near the middle of the thigh. Babydolls are often roomier in the bust and hips and shorter in the leg and sleeve lengths. Babydolls and chemises have dress-like silhouettes that accentuate the breast, hips, and waist. There is a babydoll or chemise out there for you, available in various styles, fabrics, and necklines. These items may be worn over a bra and knickers in the bedroom to create a fresh look with your existing lingerie.

  • Bustier

A bustier, like a corset, may accentuate an already present hourglass figure. It is a form-fitting item of lingerie designed to enhance the breast and whittle the waist.

The low waist and big breasts created by this underwear are ideal for those with a rectangular, triangular, or apple body type.

Tips On Buying Bras And Pants That Fit

  • Style

Many items look good on supermodels, but when it comes to your underwear, you should choose pieces you feel confident in that reflect your sense of style. You should always put your comfort first, even if you are buying lingerie as a gift for your partner. You should only show off your lingerie if you feel completely at ease.

A couple of lovely sets and some lacy items in neutral hues can serve you well if you are starting in the lingerie department. If you already have the essentials, you may experiment with something more daring, such as a red silk gown or garter set.

  • Occasion

Different lingerie is available for each event, just as several clothing options exist. A lovely bodysuit is ideal for those evenings when you only want to lounge about and do nothing but you still want to appear presentable. Invest in some lovely bra and knickers sets in neutral hues to wear with everything.

It is great to go all out to choose something extravagant if you are planning anything special, like Valentine’s Day or a weekend vacation with your significant other. Although basic black flatters most female complexions, it is not adventurous enough. Try out some bolder hues and materials, like gold or violet.

  • Colour

Most women stick to black or white as their go-to neutrals. Lingerie shopping is an opportunity to experiment with colours. The hue of your skin and hair should be your primary consideration while choosing underwear. Consider the hue of your dress while making your underwear purchase.

Shades of crimson are flattering on pale skin. You can also wear pink and lavender successfully. Powdery, lighter colours look best on warmer complexion tones. Colour contrasts are another option.

  • Season

That is correct, as the seasons change; it’s time for new lingerie. Heavy items, such as those with embellishments & layering pieces, such as bodysuits and teddies, are excellent choices for the colder winter months. You cannot go wrong with a bodysuit and your favourite cosy winter clothes and the same goes for stockings, which are much more sophisticated than your average pair of tights.

Lighter, more breathable sexy lingerie fabrics are ideal for summer, including lingerie. Try wearing cotton, mesh, lightweight jersey, or lace to avoid overheating. Since summer is the season for bearing all in strappy dresses and bare-shouldered tops, you should also invest in some attractive underwear to wear beneath. Summer is a time to let loose, so do not be reluctant to experiment with bright hues like neon.


Remember that self-assurance is the most important factor while implementing any of these suggestions. Self-assurance is more attractive than wearing the most expensive push-up bras and the sexiest lingerie.

Because no one can resist a mesmerising look—especially on a special day—your lover will be towards pouncing on you in no time if you project an air of self-assurance.