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Let’s have some fun, and uncover our A-Z of sex-toys! If you’re seriously looking for new ideas to tempt you, there are plenty of items mentioned here which could allow the discovery of new levels and varieties of pure pleasure, sensations that could enable your very own sexual revolution…. sit back, relax, and stock up on batteries – as we guarantee that you’ll see something to capture your imagination and set your body tingling with desire!


Anal Beads – Anal beads are small spheres that are attached together which are inserted into the anus, and then pulled out for sexual stimulation.

Anal Douche – This squirts water through a nozzle when it is inserted into the anus. It’s a safe, and hygienic, way to prepare for anal sex.


Ben-Wa Balls – These are two balls, held together by string, which are inserted into the vagina to provide stimulation.

Butt-Plug- A butt-plug can be worn by both men and women, for the purpose of easing anal play, or can be worn, during sex, by women, to tighten the virginal walls.


Clit-Pump – A pump which applies suction to the clitoris, so it becomes engorged, which then enhances orgasm.

Cock-Ring – This ring fits around the base of the penis, thereby restricting the blood flow leaving the penis, allowing the achievement of a longer erection.


Dildo – Dildos come in various sizes and are fabricated from a range of materials. This is a very versatile sex-toy, one that is ideal for both penetration and thrusting.

Double-Ended Dildo – This has two insertable ends, so it can be shared between partners, or for double penetration.


Electro-Toys – Electro-toys produce a deeper vibration and penetration. It’s advisable to start off gently, till you find the desired level of intensity – the one with which you are comfortable.

Erection Ring – Can also be known as a cock-strap; this item is made from leather and metal and works by preventing the blood-flow from leaving the penis. It can also be used as a restraint and often appeals to those who prefer a submissive position.


Fleshlight – A pioneering male sex toy, manufactured from a realistic material, which mimics the feel of sex – or oral sex.

Flogger – The flogger is a type of whip with long leather strands, which can either spread contact across the skin, creating a stinging sensation or can alternatively be used for sensory play.


G-Spot Massager – These are often found incorporated into vibrators, as tiny beads which move along with the sensations of the vibrator, to create “waves” over the G-Spot vibrator.

Gag – A gag is any item which prevents speech and restricts mouth movement.


Handcuffs – Designed for restriction of movement, these are, of course, two metal cuffs, joined together, which attach around the wrists. They can be used to attach your partner to objects, or as a type of physical restraint.

Hog-Tie – A common bondage restraint, wherein the wrists and feet are tied together behind the back, preventing movement. Normally packaged along with cuffs and clips, for restriction purposes.


Inflatable Butt-Plug – Designed to be placed into the anus, and then inflated to the desired size. These are handy items indeed, for those who have trouble inserting regular butt-plugs but still desire a “full” feeling.

Inflatable Dildo – A dildo which is inserted into the vagina, then inflated to the desired size, these can go up to some extreme girth sizes, and so are superb aids for sexual training.


Jelly Dong – A jelly-feel dong, often medium in size length-wise, but boasting considerable girth. The attractive, jelly-like texture “gives” to aid insertion.

Jelly Vibrator – A smooth and soft vibrator made of rubber. These toys do have a tendency to react with other toys and lubes, so as a precaution, they are best used with a condom and kept on their own.


Kegel Balls – Also known as Ben-Wa Balls, these are inserted into the vagina to increase stimulation and produce pleasurable feelings when worn. They also contribute towards tightening the Kegel muscles, as per the name.


Latex – A type of tight plastic worn for fetish purposes.

Leads – They attach to collars and harnesses, and can be used with piercings for control. Can also be used for slave-training and pet-play, a handy BDSM item to have around.


Medical Fetish Play – A term for certain instruments used within role-playing, which can be comprised of just about anything, from latex gloves to urethral sounds and speculums.

Mini-Vibrator – Can also be known as bullet vibrators; these items are small, one-speed vibrators which can use vaginally or anally.


Nipple Clamps – Made of metal, and can be used individually, or attached together by a length of chain. Great for increasing nipple stimulation.

Nipple Pumps – Can be made of rubber or glass. They are placed over the nipple to create a vacuum which increases sensitivity.


O-Rings– Made from rubber, leather or metal, these items connect any type of restraint device. They can also be used in conjunction with harnesses, to attach dildos. Very common in fetish wear.


Penis Pump – Penis Pump is a device which is placed over the penis to increase its size temporarily, via the method of creating a vacuum.

Pinwheel – A piece of medical equipment that has small teeth, which rotate when rolled over the skin, to increase nerve stimulation and sensitivity.


Queening Stool – This is a low seat designed for a woman, which is placed over someone’s face to allow oral stimulation of the vagina or anus. Under the main seat, there is a small head-rest, providing comfort for the oral giver.


Realistic Sex-Toys Dildos and vibrators which are modelled after the real thing, to create a “real-feel” experience.

Remote Control Sex-Toys – Sex-toys which are controlled by a remote device. Often controlled by one’s partner to add spice to toy-play; they can also be incorporated into any kind of camping experience.


Sex Swings – This is a harness that allows for new sexual positions. Sex swings are suspended, making deep penetrative positions easier to achieve.

Strapless Strap-on – This is a type of double-ended dildo worn by a woman, allowing her to penetrate her partner.


Tenga Sleeves – Specially designed sleeves to wear over the penis, to increase sensitivity via texture. A male masturbator which provides a variety of stimulation.


Urethral Sound – A slim device which can be inserted into either a man’s or a woman’s, urethra for stimulation; these are often associated with medical play and fetish.


Vibratory Sleeve – A cover, and sheaths, which are specially designed to add stimulation by changing the texture of men’s sex toys, or indeed the penis itself.

Vibrator – A sex-toy which vibrates, for the purpose of increasing intensity of orgasm and aiding stimulation.


Whip – A lash, which is used to inflict pain upon impact. A blanket term for such items as bull-whips, riding-crops, and floggers.

Wrist Restraints – Can be tethers or handcuffs, made from a variety of materials, which are often used in bondage and fetish play.


X- Rated – A term which can be used to describe any kind of adult toy.


Yoni Egg – These items originated in China, to help tone the Kegel muscle walls; a practice which, with regular use, can also help tighten the vaginal wall muscles. Can also be known as Jiggle balls and Love balls.


Zewie – Stronic Zewie; is the worlds first thrusting sex-toy, creating a deeper penetrative experience.