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When you’re thinking about purchasing a new vibe or dildo, you might not consider how it looks being a priority, as opposed to how you think about their functions, and what your current needs may be; would that toy live up to them? Just as long as it arouses you and takes your sex life into new and exciting directions, you’ll be satisfied, right?

Well, think again, because perhaps you shouldn’t overlook how realistic dildos and realistic vibrators may work for you, simply because of their aesthetic design and appeal. These toys are designed so that they look and feel like a real penis; the visual aspects of these toys can turn women on before they even use them.

Some women find the bright colours and mechanical designs of some adult toys something of a turn-off. These traditional vibrators do work for many, of course, but for some they simply don’t cut the mustard, because they don’t look – or feel – the part. These women need something sexy; something that will feel right between their legs. These realistic adult devices have the shape and texture of a real penis; some have what is known as a “real feel” covering – this type of material is designed to feel like skin, so they feel incredibly natural, as well as looking natural too. It isn’t uncommon for women to strike up a special relationship with these toys and it isn’t hard to see why; these devices simulate the real-life experiences they’ve enjoyed with guys. These toys are also incredibly flexible, allowing them to bend naturally upon penetration, and can be used naturally too, enabling the user to experience varying positions and angles, with no danger of breaking your brand new vibrator, as they return to their original shape after use.

All women have a preference when it comes to penis size, shape and girth, and you will be able to find the perfect match with regards to your desired thickness, length, colour and curvature; there’s a toy to fit your exact specifications.

Many of these realistic toys are made from silicone; this alone makes them stand apart from other toys you may see on the market – they truly are some of the best toys out there; not only are they very easy to clean and keep fresh and hygienic every time you use them, they’re also hypoallergenic, and can be sterilised using boiling water, or specialised chemical cleaning fluids. These toys are superb for sensory play, too, so you can warm them up before use, and they soon adjust to your body temperature, lending further authenticity to the “real feel” experience; if you’ve never experienced the feel of a warmed silicone toy between your legs before, then this really must be put on your sex toy bucket list as the feel of these toys is uncanny; it feels like a real man.

Some silicone dildos will allow you to place a bullet vibrator inside them, enabling you to customise your vibratory needs, alongside offering manual toy stimulation. The vibrations of bullet vibrators quickly travel through silicone, leaving you with an incredibly satisfying feeling. If you have any skin sensitivities, then realistic silicone sex toys should be your main toy; as they’re hypoallergenic, they won’t leave you feeling sore or experiencing any side-effects or unpleasantness.

When using these types of toys, it’s advisable to use a water-based lubricant in conjunction with silicone; not only will it prolong the lifespan of your toy, it will ease the insertion and lend itself even further to a realistic experience that won’t go unnoticed or leave you feeling disappointed.

Of course the look of these toys is so lifelike, they contain an authentic looking penis head alongside other distinct natural human characteristics, such as penis veins, and a foreskin which slides over the head just as it would on a real guy; then when you reach the bottom of the shaft, you’ll be greeted by some generously-sized testicles that look like they’re ready to explode inside you.

These toys are also excellent to use when playing with your lover, if you want to explore double penetration, and can also be used as a strap-on; with a harness you’ll obtain much more pleasure, both vaginally and anally, than some other kinds of toys, as they possess exactly the curvature and length that you need to keep the experience as real as possible. A lot of these toys are also designed for deep penetration, so it truly is a win-win experience. However you wish to play, they’ll satisfy both the newbies to the adult device kingdom and the old hands; they never fail to turn you on and make you feel supremely horny.

Realistic vibes contain multi-function settings and buttons, to provide you an array of sensations, allowing you to discover what works best for you – and it should be noted that a rule of thumb is this: if you have a vibe with pronounced veins, thereby making it heavily textured, then they tend to cause intense internal arousal as the textured shaft moves naturally with your body.

So there is certainly a lot to be said for breaking into the world of realistic toys, as you will have your ideal penis to satisfy your needs at your disposal, at whichever moment you desire. These toys, you will find, are available with a variety of diverse functions; some you’ll be able to use whilst in the bath or shower, and others will be suction cup dildos, which means that they can be mounted, to supply extra pleasure, and added versatility for experimentation with differing positions, while still adhering to the basic fundamental concept: these toys are there to provide you with a purely realistic experience from start to finish. It’s well worth taking your time to peruse the fine selection of realistic adult devices that are available – they’ll undoubtedly appeal to you, after all, it’s an essential aspect of human nature to be turned on by the sight of a guy’s penis, and when they look, and feel, this real you’ll want to jump right on in and start to get to know them all that much more; after all, there’s so many to discover – who says you have to stop at just one!?