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The female G-spot has been a delicate talking point for many years when the subject turns to female sexuality. Originally discovered by women intent on developing their own self-discovery skills, the g-spot was officially identified by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, during the nineteen-forties.

It’s due to Doctor Grafenberg that we refer to this erogenous zone as the G-spot. The G-spot isn’t always that easy to find, which is why manufacturers have developed vibrators and sex toys for the sole purpose of stimulating the G-spot. The G-spot is located a couple of inches into the vagina, along with the front wall.

When you’re looking to stimulate the G-spot, then it is always best to select a toy designed for that specific purpose; you’ll be in the very capable hands of the designers of these specialist female vibrators. They are specifically designed with the G-spot in mind and so they make great hetero or lesbian sex toys; these vibrators cater exactly to the function of stimulating the G-spot – showcasing some of the most innovative designs when it comes down to sex toys.

The G-spot isn’t easily accessible during regular intercourse, which is why manufacturers have perfected the design of G-spot vibrators. These toys which fit the female form, deliver a range of mind-blowing sensations, guaranteeing orgasms which are strong and intense. These female vibrators often have a beautifully crafted, rounded head, a design which many women adore; these curved, bulbous heads fit comfortably inside their user, establishing these vibrators’ place among the best female sex toys on the market.

Some adult toys feature a G-spot function; these are often tiny beads built within the shaft. These beads massage the G-spot and can increase sensitivity, as they can provide differing sensations, even though the user is still employing a standard vibrator.


However, if you wish to fully experience the heightened pleasure of G-spot stimulation, then a specific G-spot vibrator is the way to go!

Of course, G-spot-related fun is not just for the ladies exclusively; The male G-spot, known as the prostate or P-spot, has encouraged adult toy manufacturers to widen their focus onto prostate massagers and male vibrators. These specially designed male sex toys are often slimmer in design, yet still feature the smooth, rounded head which stimulates the prostate, ensuring an incredibly strong climax. These toys often have a dual purpose too – they help milk the prostate, which is beneficial to male health. Manufacturers such as Nexus, Tantus, Lelo and Rocks Off have a particular speciality in this field.



So if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy sex, and maybe even give you experiences and sensations of the kind that you have never experienced before, then these toys should be your first port of call. These adult toys are essential for your collection and a thoughtful gift for your lover.

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