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Every woman loves to feel, and look, hot…and by adding a new item of lingerie to your wardrobe, you’ll be able to slip into something sleek and sensual when the mood strikes. There are many designs on the market, and it can be easy to confuse the different kinds of underwear and sexy nightwear, so this guide will give you the lowdown on some of the most popular and seductive styles:


Corsets – This vintage style of underwear fits tightly, endowing you with a smaller waist, and to emphasise the bust and hips. It’s a highly adaptable – and extremely feminine – design, which can be worn to highlight your soft and feminine shape… or release your inner dominatrix, with the emphasis placed on restraint. Some variations will host buckles and belts, when their designs are aimed towards a BDSM community, and are made in a range of materials, from cotton and lace, to leather, but all corsets are boned, to make them tight and streamlined.


BasquesBasques – Basques are similar to corsets, but aren’t as tight or boned. This type of clothing is traditionally a bodice, which extends from the shoulders, down to the waist. Some have straps, or otherwise, a halter-neck. These items are particularly flattering if you have an ample bust and bigger hips, as they can grant you an appearance akin to that of a classic silver screen goddess of the nineteen-fifties.



Bustiers – A bustier can also, on occasion, be confused – and misidentified – as a corset or a basque, but there are, however, a couple of different aspects to them, which will help you determine whether or not you are looking at a bustier; this item of lingerie fits from underneath the arms, and rests on the hips. They are strapless, and not bone, and so don’t fit as tightly as a corset would. They are available in a whole range of designs and materials, and are highly versatile; they can be worn underneath regular clothing as easily as they can beneath a great piece of party-wear.


Babydolls – A Babydoll should be a requisite item for any lady’s wardrobe; they’re highly sensual, and complement every body shape. A short and loose-fitting piece of lingerie, they are often capped, or else contain a bralette to accentuate cleavage; the skirt flares out, sprawling erotically over the midriff and thigh. The ultimate in sexy nightwear!


Chemises – Another vintage item which has never gone out of fashion, chemises originally made their debut during the nineteen-twenties; fabricated from materials such as silk and satin, these comfortable, loose-fitting items of underwear can be worn underneath clothing, but also look great when twinned with a tight-fitting cardigan and high-waisted trousers for that vintage flapper girl look! They ooze sex appeal and are highly versatile, the chemise is an iconic female nightdress and one which every woman should possess.

Whatever your preferred choice of nightwear, there are plenty of alternatives on this modern market, accommodating women of every shape and size; allowing you to look, and feel, a million dollars every time you slip into “something a little more comfortable”. So crack open a bottle of wine and take some time out to peruse the pages of your favourite online lingerie store, and soon – you’ll be reposting in the luxury, and style, which you deserve!