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When the subject of conversation turns to male costumes, guys in uniform will spring to mind; but there are some sexy costumes capture the imagination more than others – yet regardless of which particular uniform a guy may be wearing, there’s just something about a man in the sexy fancy dress which is hot!


Men of all shapes and sizes look great in uniform; they make a great combination, and there’s something there on a psychological level too – after all, you can see hot guys in uniform every day: firefighters, police officers, even the postman(!), but seeing an average guy take on a new persona just adds that little extra something which introduces a level of masculine appeal, and often there are the connotations of “control” present in some form – and to be able to break through some of those rules and regulations can evoke the image of debauchery, and role-play, on the highest level, so what’s not to love about adult fancy dress?

Take sailors, and the navy, for example; whatever their rank, there is just something highly erotic about men in tight trousers, away at sea for long periods of times with only other men to converse with. Visions of young men, learning their way of life the best that they can, handling rough seas, and binding ropes to support both them and their fellow seamen, ’til they reach land once more…

Or you may favour the highly classy and refined airman. They embody a sleek, streamlined quality; speed and height; earning themselves medals, which they wear ever so proudly…

But undoubtedly, the top spot when it comes down to pure sex appeal are leather uniforms – the ones adorning those guys who have that extra ”cool” image. They’ve got it all: Their bad boy looks, and their commitment to the cause. A leatherman will tell you how it is; they’ll tell you what they want, and how they like it – so be ready, and forthcoming! Let them teach you some new things; they’re sure to have a few tricks up their sleeve that you’ll enjoy. These men are strong men, but just wait till they let their guard down –

and drop that bad boy imagery, and revert into the laughing sweet goofball that they really are!

Of course, once you have chosen a favourite sexy costume,your girlfriend won’t be able to resist pondering upon the best ways to get you out of it. All costumes hold some type of sex appeal; it just depends on which model you prefer your chosen man to be for the night, but whether you have a man who protects the land, the sea or the air, to be dominated by, or to dominate, in sex toys, a man in uniform can be so much fun! Incorporating such things into role-playing, can add a touch of excitement to any scene which can be played between two people – or even maybe more. Let your fantasies unfold, and be explored, by a sexy man in uniform.