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Underwear and other sexy lingerie are the smallest pieces of your wardrobe. Regardless, they pack a bigger punch, especially when talking about romantic endeavours. A perfect set of lingerie can work wonders. Moreover, it can not only turn our entire outfit like a Hollywood designer piece but also work wonders on your confidence. What’s more? You can choose to either flaunt it or simply keep it as your little secret; anything works.

No matter what sexual orientation you relate to, picking out the perfect push-up bra, a bralette or simply a cotton floral undie can be a painstaking task. So, we at For The Closet have taken it on to ourselves to help you decide the best lingerie options regardless of your sexual orientation. However, firstly, remember that lingerie’s first purpose is to impress you. So, always think about what will make you feel amazing, confident and sassy. Furthermore, remember that lingerie is more than just a shopping experience; they are an investment. They will stay with you for longer than your jeans, which might show significant wear and tear, or your lacy dress that might get out of trend in the next season. Lingeries are like the unsung heroes of your wardrobe as they set the course of your daily mood and comfort.

Babydoll Lingerie – A Wingwoman at Last

Babydoll lingeries are sleeveless and loose-fitting nighttime ensembles. Just like your best friend and wingwoman, it gives you all the freedom to operate. Plus, it provides ultimate comfort, with a matching panty covering everything from the bosom down to the hips. And talking about those thin straps, they are your secret weapon to attain your desired waistline and ignite your presence.

Basque – Right Off a British Timepiece

Another sexy lingerie Basque, usually said to be the long-lost cousin of a trusty jacket. They are the lingerie world’s wintertime hug. Just like your favourite hoodie, Basques are long, and they fit like a glove. Furthermore, they reach below your waist while the lower part is decked out with decorative splendour, just like a royal dress.

Basque Black

Body Stocking – Superhero Suits of the Sexy Lingerie World

Body stockings are literally like a secret attire altogether. They are usually crafted with the same fabrics as stockings and pantyhose. Not only will they get your partner, regardless of their gender, drooling for you, but they’ll make your presence more charming and magnetic. They wrap your torso, thighs and belly in a slimming embrace. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple builds, like fishnet, lace, opaque and more. Regardless, they tend to expose your body without giving away all your secrets.

Bodices – Intimate Armours

Bodices are like stylish armour right from the Renaissance era. They cover you from neck to waist. However, while Bodices tend to cover more, their allure lies in the intricate designs and details. They hint at a lace or hook to adjust the fit, enabling you to customise your look. During earlier times, Bodices were a household attire, with almost every woman in Europe having one.

Camisoles – Chameleons for Your Attire

Camisoles are sleeveless, intimate, comfy, versatile and sexy lingerie options. You can either choose to wear them under your outfits or use them as bedtime essentials. Moreover, with the right approach, you can even pair them with leggings or jeans and make an outfit out of them. Camisoles’ versatile nature regards them as chameleons of the lingerie world; you never know what you might get. They usually come in silky, polyester, and lycra blends.

Blue and Black Basque with G-String and Stockings

Chemises – The Menace Maker

Chemises, since their existence, are known to be perfect for a nighttime slumber. Be it reading a book and unwinding with a glass of wine alone, or be it post-event gossip with your group of close ones. Chemises have always been loose, comfortable, and a cloud of dreams to sleep in. However, modern-day chemises have taken a turn for the better. Apart from its earlier qualities, modern chemises are downright seductive and alluring, hugging your body with intricate mesh and fishnet designs; they flaunt the eyes that they get on their wearer.

Corselets – Because the Bust is a Must

Coselets are sleek and bold at the same time. They can be said to be a dynamic duo of bra and girdle, which offer fantastic support and shaping. Their presence on your body can range from the top of your shoulder to the top of your thigh, right below the hips. In turn, the overall look is bound to make you confident and fabulous, right off a Tomb Raider movie. Now, how can someone say no to that?

If you are looking for something like a corselet but feel it is a little too much for your appeal, you can go for a bustier. It is a shorter form of corselet without garters and shoulder straps. It is also a great styling piece since it ends right above the waist.