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Feeling a touch stuck in your usual solo exploits? It’s something many of us find ourselves nodding along to. Falling into a familiar pattern can make things feel, for want of a better word, rather mundane.

Here’s an enticing thought: introducing sex toys into your solo endeavours can truly flip the script. And you’re in luck; we’ve been doing our bit of legwork, exploring various options from vibrators and butt plugs to male sex toys and straps ons, without overlooking the vast selection available for women.

What we discovered might well take you by surprise – armed with the right toy (quite literally), those solo adventures could shift from humdrum to exhilarating! Our exploration led us to some fabulous finds, including top-sellers that come with complimentary UK delivery courtesy of Forthecloset.

We’re keen to guide you on selecting, utilising, and maximising enjoyment with these delightful gadgets while ensuring everything is kept above board and safe. Get ready for what might just be a game-changer.


What are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are fun gadgets for grown-ups to add a spark to solo time. They come in many shapes and forms, like little buzzing friends and cheeky plugs, all set to take you on an adventure.

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator


Sex toys, or as some folks like to call them, Sexual Enrichment Aids (SEAs), aren’t just bits and bobs from a cheeky shop. They’re specially designed objects that jazz up our solo adventures by turning up the heat on sexual arousal and pleasure.

Think of them like spices in your cooking arsenal – they can add a whole new layer of flavour to what might otherwise be a mundane dish. And guess what? We’re not alone in this journey towards self-pleasure enlightenment.

A stunning 79.9% of women have brought these handy gadgets into their bedrooms according to one study, making female sex toys in the UK more common than you might think.

We’ve dabbled with a few ourselves, experimenting with everything from mighty vibrators that promise toe-curling sensations to discreet butt plugs that aim for uncharted territories of delight, all the way to masturbators that offer an upgraded hand-held experience—if you catch our drift.

It’s been an eye-opener—realising there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing your companion for those special solo sessions.

It’s about finding what tickles your fancy and exploring sides of your sexuality you never knew existed.

Volt Electro Flare EStim Butt Plug

Volt Electro Flare EStim Butt Plug

Types (vibrators, butt plugs, masturbators)

We all agree, finding the perfect way to enjoy solo play can sometimes feel like a mission. That’s where sex toys UK comes in handy, spicing things up and offering new levels of pleasure. Here’s a closer look at the types:

  1. Vibrators: These are real game changers for many of us. They come in various shapes and sizes, from the discreet bullet vibrators to the more powerful wand varieties like the Magic Wand or the Dame Wand. The intense stimulation they provide can be a major leap from manual stimulation, making them a popular choice. We’ve heard loads of stories about how vibrators have transformed solo sessions into something extraordinary.
  2. Butt Plugs: Now, these might sound a bit intimidating if you’re new to the whole scene, but they’re worth exploring. Butt plugs are designed to stimulate one of those areas we don’t usually talk about at dinner parties – but maybe we should (joking… or are we?). They come in different sizes, making it easy to find one that feels comfortable. And for those who are curious about deeper sensations and exploring new territories, butt plugs can be just the thing.
  3. Masturbators: Let’s not forget about masturbators – especially designed with penis owners in mind. These toys range from simple designs meant to enhance manual pleasure to more sophisticated models that simulate oral or penetrative sex. Some even sync with adult content for an immersive experience that’s as close to the real thing as you can get without actually involving another person.

From our direct experience, dabbling with these types has not only added excitement but also opened up conversations around what we enjoy individually during solo play – conversations that were long overdue! Sharing experiences and tips has brought some good laughs and a lot of “aha” moments within our circle. Just so you know, while 31.8% of women surveyed mentioned they share their sexual enhancement accessories (SEAs) with others, personal hygiene and product care should always be top priority.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Solo Play

Sex toys add extra fun to solo play, making it way more enjoyable. They let you explore and find out what feels amazing for you.

Je joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator Purple

Je joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator Purple

Increased sexual pleasure and arousal

Sex toys bring a whole new level to solo play, cranking up the pleasure and arousal. Think about it – with gadgets specially made to hit all the right spots, it’s no wonder many of us are reaching for that extra bit of help.

And let’s face it, feeling good is what it’s all about. Studies have shown that 45% of adults are already on board, using these magical wonders to add some zing to their alone time.

With vibrators leading the charge in boosting arousal and orgasm, women especially have seen massive gains in sexual function and satisfaction. It’s like having a secret weapon in your drawer that knows exactly what you need and when you need it.

So yeah, we’re big fans! Using sex toys during solo sessions isn’t just fun; it’s a game-changer for personal pleasure.

Once you’ve tried them, there’s no going back – sex toys open up a world of heightened sensations.

Exploring different touches and vibes lets us understand our bodies on a deeper level—a journey well worth taking. Now let’s talk about how exploring various erogenous zones can spice things up even further….

Exploration of different erogenous zones

Exploring our own bodies can sometimes feel like stepping into uncharted territory. Good news though, sex toys act as our personal maps to these unknown spots, guiding us through the landscapes of our desires and pleasures.

From the well-known treasures like the clitoris and G-spot to less explored areas such as the perineum or even nipples, there’s a toy out there that can make every discovery more thrilling.

We’ve found that using these playful tools not only spices up solo play but also boosts our understanding of what turns us on. It’s kind of like having a cheat sheet for pleasure – who wouldn’t want that?

INYA Bump N Grind

INYA Bump N Grind

Through this exploration, we learn how diverse our erogenous zones really are. For some of us, a vibrator might unlock new levels of arousal when used on areas we hadn’t thought much about before.

Others might find that butt plugs bring unexpected excitement into their solo sessions by stimulating parts they’ve overlooked in the past. And let’s not forget about masturbators they’re fantastic for those seeking a different sort of sensation altogether! This journey is deeply personal yet universally rewarding as it leads to improved orgasms and a deeper connection with ourselves.

We’re big champions of thorough self-exploration with sex toys at hand (literally). They serve as trusty companions in discovering what makes us tick sexually, paving the way to increased confidence both in and out of bed – especially if sharing these insights with a partner down the line.

So go ahead, grab your toy and start exploring – your body’s hidden gems await discovery!

Improved orgasm

After exploring different erogenous zones, we’ve seen how varied stimulation leads to more intense experiences. Now let’s talk about the cherry on top—improved orgasms. With sex toys in play, achieving that peak moment becomes not just a chance but a thrilling certainty.

Think about it: stimulating multiple areas at once or zeroing in on that one spot with precision can really change the game.

We’re part of the 52% who have brought toys into our solo sessions and it’s a decision we don’t regret. These gadgets aren’t just for fun; they bring health perks too. Reduced stress? Check.

Better mood? Definitely. And let’s not forget stronger pelvic floor muscles which directly contribute to those earth-shattering climaxes.

So, whether you’re chasing after that mind-blowing sensation or looking to spice things up, reaching for that toy might just be your best move yet. With every use, you’re learning more about what turns you on and also setting the stage for orgasms unlike anything else.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Naked Addiction 7 Inch Rotating and Vibrating Dong

Naked Addiction 7 Inch Rotating and Vibrating Dong

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy for Solo Play

Picking the right sex toy for solo fun sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, think again—it’s all about knowing what tickles your fancy and doing a bit of homework to find that perfect match.

Before you start clicking “add to cart,” take a minute to figure out what gets you excited. Is it something soft and slow, or maybe fast and thrilling? Whatever floats your boat, there’s probably a toy out there just screaming your name (not literally, but you get the idea).

So go ahead—read some reviews, ask around if you’re feeling brave, and maybe start with something simple if you’re new to this game.

Consider personal preferences and desires

Knowing what we like and want is key in picking the best sex toys for ourselves. With 52% of people using them with partners, it’s clear there’s a lot to explore. Gender, age, whether we’re single or not, how much school we’ve done, and who we’re attracted to all play into this choice.

We’ve found that taking time to think about our own needs helps us choose toys that add fun and excitement.

We always suggest reading up on what others say about different toys. This homework can lead us to find items that match our level of experience and curiosity. Next up? Learning how reviews and research can guide us in finding the perfect toy.

Read reviews and do research

After figuring out what we like and want, the next step is diving deep into reviews and doing our homework. We’ve learned this the hard way—jumping into buying a sex toy without checking out what others think can end up in disappointment (or worse, a waste of good money).

So, here’s a golden rule: always see what people are saying. Reviews can be eye-opening; they offer insights that you’d never think about just by looking at pictures online.

We also make it our mission to learn about the materials used in sex toys before hitting that purchase button. It turns out there’s a lot to consider—from safety standards to how easy they are to clean.

Plus, with budget being key for most of us, scouring the internet for price comparisons becomes part of our research routine. Sure, it takes time but finding that perfect balance between quality and affordability? Totally worth it.

This step isn’t just about avoiding bad buys; it’s an investment in our happiness and health. We look for products made from safe materials because nobody wants skin irritations spoiling their solo playtime adventures.

And yes, while figuring all this out might sound tedious at first glance, embracing this process has led us to discover some fantastic toys that were right on target with what we wanted—and needed—all along!

Dr. Skin Dual 8 Inch Dual Penetrating Dildo With Suction Cup

Dr. Skin Dual 8 Inch Dual Penetrating Dildo With Suction Cup

Start with beginner-friendly options

We always suggest going for user-friendly and non-intimidating toys if you’re new to this. Think bullet vibrators, small dildos, or finger vibrators. These little wonders are perfect starters — not too scary, right? We’ve tried a few ourselves and can vouch for their ease of use and fun factor.

Plus, there’s something quite exciting about exploring with these simple yet effective toys.

Bullet vibrators are especially great because they’re versatile and discreet. You can easily tuck them away when not in use. And let’s not forget the butt plugs — yes, they might sound a bit out there if you’re just starting, but they come in sizes that won’t intimidate beginners.

The best part? There’s room to grow with your collection as you find what works best for you.

For our LGBTQIA+ friends looking to get started, worry not! There are specific recommendations catered just for you. Exploring these options opened up avenues we never knew existed — talk about an eye-opener! It’s all about finding what feels good and rolling with it.

Different Ways to Use Sex Toys for Solo Play

Get creative and find new thrills by exploring all the fun ways to play alone with sex toys. Why not read on to spark some ideas?

bswish Bnear Classic Double Egg Vibrator

bswish Bnear Classic Double Egg Vibrator

Experimenting with different techniques

We’ve found that trying different techniques with sex toys truly opens up a world of pleasure. Mixing things like feather ticklers or finger vibrators into solo play can seriously spice things up.

It’s all about enhancing what feels good and exploring new sensations. We learnt that variety—not just in tools but in how we use them—makes every experience fresh and exciting.

From our own adventures, switching between soft touches and more intense vibrations has been a game-changer for self-awareness and body confidence.

Moving on, incorporating these toys into foreplay…

Incorporating them into foreplay

So, we’re talking about spicing things up a bit with sex toys during foreplay, right? Interesting fact: research points out that bringing toys into the bedroom ramps up the pleasure and strengthens connections.

Think about it – nearly half of us have shared this kind of playtime with a partner. Now, why is that noteworthy? Well, because it shows just how common and enjoyable it is to mix things up from solo adventures to partnered sessions.

We’ve found that taking the time for some playful exploration before getting started can really set the stage for an intense session. It’s like adding an extra layer of excitement – knowing you’ve got more than just human touch at your disposal opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want every advantage they can get in chasing down those earth-shattering experiences?

Using these gadgets isn’t just about reaching the peak faster; it’s about enjoying every step of the journey there. With 52% of people already integrating toys into their intimate moments, it’s clear there’s something special about weaving them into our explorations.

They don’t replace human connection; they enhance it, making every touch more electrifying and every moment together even more memorable.

Njoy Pure Plugs Small

Njoy Pure Plugs Small

Enhancing masturbation techniques

We often find that using sex toys opens up a whole new world of pleasure. Exploring clitoral, vaginal, anal, and even combo orgasms with the help of these gadgets really changes the game.

Each type lets us discover more about what makes our bodies tick in ways we might never have thought possible.

Sex toys aren’t just for fun; they’re also great for our health. They can help reduce stress, lead to better sleep, and provide a safe sexual release. It’s like hitting the gym but way more enjoyable.

It’s not just playing around; it’s about learning what brings us joy and satisfaction.

Impulse Intimate Estim Petite G Wand Massager

Impulse Intimate Estim Petite G Wand Massager

Tips for Using Sex Toys Safely for Solo Play

Keeping your sex toys clean and stored right keeps them safe for play. Make sure you’re not allergic to any materials, and hey, don’t share – keep the good vibes to yourself!

Proper cleaning and storage

We all know keeping our playthings clean is key, right? Nearly every woman, up to 96% in fact, makes sure their Sexually Explicit Accessories (SEAs) are washed regularly. Most of us stick to the simple soap and water method—it’s easy and does the job well.

This isn’t just about tidiness; it’s crucial for our health too. Not forgetting, proper care also means these fun gadgets last longer. We’ve made it a habit to give ours a good scrub after each adventure.

Storing them correctly is just as important as cleaning. Nobody wants a dusty toy! We found that tucking them away in a cool, dry place keeps them in the best condition. Some of us even have special storage boxes—fancy, we know! This way, they’re out of sight and kept safe from any damage or unwanted attention.

Plus, it gives us peace of mind knowing everything’s neat and organised for next time we get curious.

Avoid sharing toys

So, about not sharing toys… Yep, we’ve heard the talks. There’s this handy bit of info we stumbled upon: a whopping 21.7% of folks have shared their sex toy(s) with a partner. Now, you might think that’s all good and dandy in the spirit of fun and games, but here’s where things get a tad serious.

Sharing can actually up the risk for infections – something none of us want on our bingo card for solo play adventures.

We’ve actually been down that road ourselves once or twice before learning the ropes (and not the fun kind). It seemed harmless at first—just having a laugh and exploring with someone close.

But then came the stark realisation about hygiene and safety risks involved. It shook us enough to stick strictly to keeping our goodies to ourselves from then on out.

Steering clear from swapping those personal pleasure pals ensures you’re playing it safe while keeping things uber-clean. Plus, isn’t it nicer knowing your toy is yours alone? Your future self will thank you for being extra cautious now rather than facing any awkwardness later on down the line.

Alrighty, moving on from hygiene pep-talks…

Fleshlight Go Surge Mastubator

Fleshlight Go Surge Mastubator

Checking for any allergies or sensitivities

We always make sure to check for any allergies or sensitivities before using sex toys. This step is crucial because some people react badly to certain materials. For example, a toy made from latex can cause a nasty surprise if you’re allergic to it.

Now, we know nobody wants an itchy situation in such private moments! Similarly, specific lubricants and cleaning products don’t agree with everyone’s skin. Imagine finding the perfect rhythm only to be stopped by an unexpected burning sensation – not the kind of heat anyone looks for during solo play!

Exploring our bodies should be all about pleasure and safety. That’s why we look into what each toy is made of and which lubes are safe for us personally. We always check the label or ask the retailer questions about materials and ingredients used in both toys and accompanying products like lubricants.

Since discovering that some folks have sensitivities to these items, we’ve become keen on reading reviews too—real stories from real people help guide us away from potential irritants.

And let’s face it, keeping things smooth (in every sense) makes for much happier alone time!


So, we’ve chatted about how sex toys can spice up solo play. They bring more fun and help us find out what feels good. Choosing the right toy means thinking about what you like and checking out reviews.

Have you ever thought about trying something new to shake things up? Sex toys offer a safe way to explore and enjoy yourself. Why not give them a go and see how much more exciting solo time can become?


What’s this fuss about using sex toys for solo play?

Well, sex toys can greatly enhance solo play by adding variety and excitement. They’re designed to stimulate different areas, which can lead to more intense experiences.

Are there any specific types of sex toys that are better for solo use?

Not really! It all boils down to personal preference and what kind of stimulation you enjoy the most. There’s a whole world out there – vibrators, dildos, anal beads…you name it!

Can using sex toys during solo play help me understand my body better?

Absolutely! By experimenting with different toys and sensations during your alone time, you get to know what turns you on – no pressure or judgement involved.

Is it safe to use these gadgets regularly in my private moments?

As long as they’re used properly and cleaned thoroughly after each use (and let’s not forget good quality lube), then yes – they’re perfectly safe! Just remember – every good thing should be enjoyed in moderation.