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There is an area of play within the BDSM community known as pet play; this type of play is all about making your playmate your pet; puppy play is a highly popular subcategory of pet play, due to the fact that you can incorporate many styles of bondage restraints.

There are specialist items made for this type of play, such as masks which are designed in the form of an animal. These bondage hoods, provide all the necessary restraint than any other kind of sensory deprivation hood supplies, and in addition, you can maintain control over how much restriction is placed upon your play partner. Other restraints such as bondage collars and leads can be used in conjunction with these items, allowing you to start enjoying some sadistic fun with your new pet, as they learn how to obey and follow your every command. Indulging in puppy play also comes with the added bonus of having the opportunity to make use of bone and toy gags; add these cute – yet super-effective – restraints to train your pup.

Pony play is the ultimate in lascivious and decadent behaviour; you can thoroughly steer and ride your “pony” with exactly the correct amount of discipline he or she needs, as you discover their submissive boundaries under your tight control. There are some very stylish and unique vibrating butt plugs that are available which allow you to add the necessary tail to your pet partner too; these can be long and swishy, making the perfect accessories for your pony – or if your partner is tad more bullish, then you can opt for an oxtail butt plug – or even a piggy plug! Team these items with a range of crops, whips and floggers, and you will soon have your pet under control and learning new commands; you’ll be so proud of them, you’ll be ready to reward them for all their good work!

These BDSM devices are manufactured from high-quality sex toys materials, often being made in a range of leathers and PVC, or alternatively, stainless steel; if you treat these devices with the same care with which you would any other type of restraint, they’ll be sure to last you for a very long time. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve stocked up on some good quality ties and rope restraints too, as you wouldn’t want your pet to escape! – and while we’re talking about escape – you wouldn’t want the unthinkable to happen, so there are many different types of chastity devices on the market, which will suit all your petting needs. These devices will guarantee that your pet shows you the adequate amount of respect until the time comes for you to set them free.

It’s always advisable to play out these types of scenes with a lucid mind, of course, but with this kind of play-style you can really start to unleash the sadomasochist within you – until your pet starts to lavish the attention and respect upon that you so deserve. So get ready, relax and have fun; your partner will be lapping it up in no time at all, with the correct equipment to hand.