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Impact play is highly popular within the gay male community; there’s a lot that can be said about the sexual devices which can be used during your webcam play. Whether these gay sex toys are used on yourself, or by your camming partner – it can all be incorporated into a highly visual, and erotic experience.

Of course, things like whipping get specific reactions; like everything good, it takes a little time and practice before you learn how to crack a whip-like Zorro – but the more you learn about impact play, and the items you’ll be using, will guarantee that you experience a successful, and fun experience. If you’re using impact toys on yourself, then the same level of circumspection applies as if you were using the whips and paddles on someone else.

There are many types of whips and impact sex toys on the market; the bull-whip, the snake-whip, and the dragon whip, to name but a few – but the whip which perhaps works best for camming is the flicker whip. A flicker whip is easy to use, and gives you more control, due to its flexibility. Of course, whips need to be used in the correct manner to be effective, and whether you are after that stinging, burning feeling, or a deep, gratifying “thwack!” of impact, either way, it depends on your technique, as well as your whip. As using a webcam relies on visual communication and sound, using your whip overhand can be very effective; this technique gives you control of the whip while delivering the blow you desire, accompanied by the satisfying sound of the whip hitting the air. You can also build intensity using this method in your desired whipping area – while still keeping things highly visible – thereby delivering the perfect whipping for webcam play.

When it comes to the use of paddles, there are far more options to choose from, as you’re not restrained by size and room. On the whole, smaller paddles yield a greater sting, yet a larger paddle will deliver a satiating “thud” sound! Leather paddles are far easier to control than, say, a whip, so if you were instructing someone, it’s far easier to gauge their perfect punishment. Counting aloud with your partner is a fun way to add to the sadistic nature of impact play. You, or your webcam partner, can count the blows that they have to receive…

Good communication is essential with regards to a proper paddling. Of course, you should also take into account positioning, as some positions work much better than others within the confines of a gay webcam experience. For example, bending is better than lying down, because it accords a better view of the buttocks and back; but you can also give the inner thighs, genitals and chest some attention, while using a paddle in the sitting position, whereas standing may be the better choice when employing the likes of riding crops and spankers.