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In this modern world, there is a great emphasis placed on looking after ourselves; we choose the kind of food we eat, where our coffee is grown and how our clothes are made but do we place these high standards upon the sex toys we use? Sex toys can fall through the net when it comes to regulations and testing, so it falls to reputable manufacturers of sex toys, and high-class sex toys shop, such as

For The Closet, to promote the sale and use of quality Body safe sex toys. Sex toys, whether vibrators, dildos, couple’s sex toys or male sex toys are made from a variety of materials, but there are some useful terms you could do well to learn with regards to ensuring that you are purchasing sex toys which are BodySafe.

Some cheaper sex toys use materials which reportedly contain harmful chemicals, such as phthalates; if this is a concern, these should be avoided at all costs. Phthalates soften plastics, making them feel, and look, like higher-end sex toys. Phthalates have been known to cause adverse reactions in the reproductive system, and have been the root of some reported congenital disabilities. This caution is especially valid concerning male sex toys, or couple’s sex toys, as phthalates have been linked to sperm damage. These chemicals make sex toys porous, which means you can never effectively clean them, which as a result opens you up to a world of bacteria and possible infection. So avoiding phthalates is highly advisable when it comes to the purchase of sex toys. Buying your sex toys from a reputable sex toys shop will reduce the chance of you grabbing one which isn’t body-safe.

Stay away from items that say “For novelty use”, this is a kind of classification category which isn’t intended for sexual purposes, and it’s a way to cover the manufacturer legally if the device did cause any adverse reaction should you choose to use it. Sex toys should not emit a strong smell of plastic; if they do, then they are probably best avoided. Most top quality sex toys are made from materials such as silicone or latex and many quality male sex toys, and couple’s sex toys are manufactured from body friendly stainless steel or an ABS hard plastic.

Sex toys constructed from any of these materials are non-porous, so you will be able to clean them thoroughly after use. A good sex toys shop will have full descriptions of their sex toys and the relevant production information; it is here that you will learn exactly what is used in the sex toys that catch your eye, the type of material that they are made from, as well as denoting whether they are BodySafe?

Luckily, buying high-quality sex toys is far easier than it used to be. Today we shop with a conscience and an open mind. So if something isn’t quite clear, and you are unsure whether the sex toys are BodySafe or not? It is only a matter of a quick click or asking someone at your selected sex toys shop for a little guidance, ensuring that your sex toys are BodySafe, allowing you to enjoy many a happy hour!