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Squats – This position is one which many have tried and loved (and it will forever hold a place in their hearts!); it will allow you to experience sensations like no other – and until you try it, you won’t fully understand. It works very well with big dildos – as you squat on top, you can lower yourself slowly onto it; then, move up and down. This incredibly arousing position enables you to achieve the utmost in mind-blowing and fulfilling climaxes.

Hit The G-Spot – This position is designed to stimulate the G-Spot, thus providing you with a stronger, and longer, climax each time. Lie on your stomach, with your hips facing sideways and your legs bent. Have your toy positioned between your legs, and lean forward slightly, then move with your toy till you reach just the right spot.

Lazy Boy – If you’re after a quickie, then this position is ideal for those who love strap-ons! Bend over the arm of the couch, and get your guy to enter you from behind. This leaves you to either grind away against him or let him push into you. If you wrap your legs around him and cross your ankles, this will tighten your vaginal wall muscles, which in turn will lead to intensifying orgasms.

The Shaker – A quintessential setup to try if you like it hard and deep. Lie on your back, with your ass at the edge of the bed, lift your knees up to your chest, then reach around and get your toy. This one certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but it will definitely hit just the right spot for those who like it steamy!

Namor’s Wet Dream – This one is for those who like it wet! Immerse yourselves in the bath or shower – this works great for some male sex toys!

The Gardener’s Dream – Sit on the edge of the bed or sofa, while you back onto your toy, leaning on your forearms, resting on the floor; this position doesn’t lend itself to much movement but is splendid for deep penetration and larger sex toys.

Manhandle – This is highly recommended if you like it fast and furious because it leaves you ready to access all the right places with your toy! Bend over slightly, whilst inserting your device from behind, then straighten up without it slip out; then thrust away to your heart’s delight!

The Tight Spot – This is a superb position to use when that moment hits, and you allow passion to take over – it can be used in any environment, though work surfaces, desks and chairs are just fantastic for use with this position! Sit down on the surface with your suction cup dildo, then use your legs to push up and down and bounce, till you’re totally content!

Magic Bullet – Reach for the G-Spot vibrators every time with this manoeuvre! Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air, reach around and get your toy to insert from behind you. You can have fun by experimenting with how far you hold your legs together, as the closer they are, the tighter you are, and therefore, the fuller you feel!