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When it comes time to find like-minded people to share some intimate fun with, it may worth looking online; there are many websites dedicated to helping you do just that.

Fetishes are something which you may like to experiment with, outside the framework of what is considered a regular relationship; or perhaps you and your partner may wish to venture on this journey of discovery together. Whichever alternative applies to you, the internet is the best tool for the job – but getting to know some of your potential playmates can be beneficial before you step into the land of kink with them. So where would the best place for you to meet up be?

Of course, you may want to meet up in a bar first of all, or go for dinner, to get to know each other a little better, but as the meeting progresses, it may worth considering the options which you have available to you.

Your fetish can determine where you like to play, for example – some clubs may specialise in a medical fetish, and have rooms kitted out so you can use medical instruments; this, however, means that you may have to book in advance to arrange to meet at them. Some people may visit you at home; this makes things a little more natural, especially if you are looking for a relationship or if just you’re after a little more intimacy, plus there is no place like home for dressing up! – so you needn’t worry about having to wear fetish clothing or bondage lingerie to gain access to your event (though some clubs will offer changing rooms).

Hotels are great places to hook up, as not only does the trip provide you with a break, but

you can also treat the night as something special, really go to town and enjoy the downtime

that you’ll experience from your exploration. Hotels are very discreet; after all, nobody needs to know your location. Hotels often offer large beds, and elegant bathrooms, allowing you to unwind in style, without any worry of feeling the need to rush things, and like this, are fantastic for group sex.

If you require a playmate for certain fetishes, it may be worth considering meeting up and heading over to one of the many fetish clubs that are around. The benefits to this are manifold; you can gain access to fully functioning dungeons, with sex toys and sexual devices, alongside various bondage gear activities that both you and your partner can partake in if you so choose. These clubs are an excellent way to meet another like-minded folk, as well as play with others, or, you may merely wish to sit back and watch, to get you in the mood for what may unfold a little later in the evening…

Specialist events at gay spas and saunas offer a relaxing setting and a liberal viewpoint with regards to consensual naughtiness. If you like to get down and wet, saunas with pools and jacuzzis are a superb way to get to know people a little better. These spas offer light refreshment alongside having some of the best naughty films played in the background – these will never fail to get you and your playmate in the mood!

So take your time, consider the options available to you; and when meeting new people to help bring your fetishes to life, be sure to be open and honest about just what kind of things you want, as meeting the right person, in the right locations, for your needs, can really increase the excitement inherent in exploring your kinks a little more…!