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When you’re considering telling your partner about your secret fantasies, the best policy is always to be open and honest. By sharing these intimate thoughts, not only are you strengthening your bond with your significant other, but it also introduces the opportunity for your partner to share their desires with you…

You must keep in mind too that these are just secret fantasies; it doesn’t mean to say that they will become a reality – but they can make for great foreplay! And yes, it can lead to investigating them further, and there’s no better way than embarking on this than with someone that we love and trust. Why not set an evening aside for just you and your partner, with the intent of telling him your deepest and most secret fantasies? Those fantasies where we push our sexual boundaries as the desire for arousal gets stronger. This is how we learn what turns us on and so sharing them helps your lover to turn you on too. With our hectic lifestyles, it is very easy to push these fantasies out of our heads; we get stuck in a sexual rut, and before we know it, things start to get monotonous. So let’s give our fantasies the attention they deserve! Send the kids to their grandparents, or babysitter, for the night, turn off the TV and ignore your phone – this time is just for you and your partner. Relax, with a favourite home-cooked meal, grab a bottle of wine, laugh, love and unwind, just as you did when you first met.

Why not update your wardrobe for the occasion? For The Closet offer a great range of lingerie and sexy nightwear; you could slip into something sweet and hot and incorporate your secret fantasies into the dirty talk. Making the first move will enable your lover to explore and share their own with you too, so it is a win-win situation. Dressing for the part can lead to many highly erotic scenarios, as well as being able to judge your partner’s reaction if you are a little hesitant or shy. Sexy costumes for role-playing can make way for a little light bondage gear, and you can gauge how much your partner is enjoying it. When aroused, sharing your dirtiest of fantasies becomes even more exciting… once the spark of passion is lit, you automatically become a little more open-minded, so it helps break down our insecurities and inhibitions.

Communication is such a vital part of relationships; as is our sexual desires and needs. You probably have a slight knowledge regarding where your partner’s sexual boundaries lie, but this should never be taken for granted; this is why we should always be open to sharing our thoughts and secret fantasies. Remember that if the reality of the fantasy isn’t what you expected, and isn’t quite working for you or your lover, then nothing is lost; but more often than not, you’ll unleash a new and exciting lease of life into your sexual relationship!