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Women tend to love their vibrators – these sex toys can be very useful, if not at times also pretty much life-changing, as they open up a world of versatility and variation, which a woman may not otherwise experience if masturbation came down to only using her hand.

As we get older, some ladies also find achieving climax can become harder after the menopause, and so need that extra, differing stimulation sensation, one which nevertheless doesn’t run the risk of becoming irritating. You may also find that the older we get, the more discretion we require, as we can be affected a little more concerning sound; sometimes an adult toy can be so loud, it becomes a distraction, and detracts from the pleasure that it’s actually providing, or otherwise, perhaps you are sharing your house with other people, and don’t particularly want them to know what you’re up to. Of course, you could always resort to turning the TV up louder, or blast out your favourite music in the hope that the buzz of your vibe fits with the beat!

But luckily, there is an answer to this dilemma which is a little more convenient, and this reply is to be found with the purchase of silent vibrators, or discreet vibrators, which are significantly quieter than many other female sex toys. The type of material your adult toy is made from can also reflect its noise level.

For instance, toys manufactured from plastics will be noticeably louder than toys made from silicone, latex, or real-feel materials such as Cyberskin, as adult toys constructed from these materials muffle the vibrational sounds. Toys which are correctly labelled as quiet vibrators will have motors which are designed to be quieter. You should also consider the functions of the toy too; for example, a vibrator that stimulates in more than one way would have a stronger motor, and so, therefore, be louder.

Adult toys which can be worn on your body, and are remotely operated via app or Bluetooth, will also make things a lot more discreet because you have the added protection of your body being a sound barrier. How your toys are powered should also be taken into consideration; battery-powered toys, on the whole, tend to be louder, as you can find that the battery compartment can rattle with the toy’s vibrations. Mains-powered toys use the most energy, so what they gain in power, they lose indiscretion.

For lower noise levels, the best vibrators are those who are rechargeable, as the fundamental mechanisms are firmly attached, making for no other vibrational rattling; additionally, as rechargeable toys are slightly pricier, so therefore you can be assured that the material they are made from won’t produce any unwanted noise. There are lots of benefits to owning at least one vibrator that’s quiet in your sex toy collection – it’ll soon become your best friend whilst travel or on holiday, or even to carry in your handbag for when the mood strikes; and there’s no finer time than now to start thinking about the holiday season and which vital vibe you’ll be packing into your suitcase, so why not make it a discreet vibe, one that you know you can trust?