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If you really want to make an entrance wherever you go, and guarantee that your partner’s eyes are on you – and solely on you – then perhaps you need to do a little thinking about assembling that perfect ensemble. It’s time to take charge, and put the string back into your sex life’s tail!

There really is nothing sexier than tight-fitting, curve-hugging leather, teamed together with buckles or lace. There’s a variety of outstanding leather fetish clothing available, ranging from pants and leggings, to basques and corsets. Fetish wear flatters women of all shapes and sizes, and teases your partner’s eye; to showcase the perfect curvature of the feminine form. So there you have it; you have the attitude, you have the look… but what can make or break an outfit are the accessories, and nothing says “I’m in charge and you are under my command!” than tantalising, tormenting and punishing with a flogger. So let’s take a look at what floggers are – and what’s available in the sex toys market, so you can set your “Come hither and be punished…!” look off to perfection!

Compared to other BDSM toys, the flogger is a pure, uncomplicated way to dispense pleasure; it encompasses many alternating options, and is both easy to store and relatively affordable. This type of equipment consists of strands of leather, or similar materials – these ”tassels” are actually termed “falls”, and these falls are attached to a “hilt”, which is the term used for the handle. The hilt will be wrapped in the same material from which the falls are constructed; this makes gripping your flogger easier.

Then there is the “pommel”. These are the balls that attach the falls and the hilt together. You can generate two contrasting types of pain from using this device, either a stinging impression or a thudding sensation. The stings can be sharp, but they fade over time, whereas the thud will have a deeper impact, and provides a duller feeling; both responses don’t cause lasting body damage when the flogger is used correctly, however.

These impact devices are available either “balanced” or “unbalanced”; the term “balanced” refers to the weight of the falls from the hilt, this variety is easier to use, as they are constructed to prevent any access weight, or stress, straining the user’s wrists. “Unbalanced” devices, of course, are the opposite of this – the weight isn’t balanced out accordingly, so your arm will soon begin to ache. The device’s price-tag normally reflects whether a flogger is balanced or not. Leather is the most commonly used material for manufacturing these devices, and the specific type of leather used can make a significant difference to the overall feel of the item. For example – for softer falls, which deliver a satisfying “thud!” and an intermediate sting, a suede flogger may be your item of choice. As a contrast, oiled leather can pack a serious wallop; it’s stiff and fairly thick, and thus dispenses some acute stinging sensations similar to paddles.

You must bear in mind that as these devices are natural products, then your experience with them differ at times, but being aware of what to expect regarding the basic materials beforehand grants you a good head start, and also assures you that you’re buying quality bondage toys when you see – and feel – them.