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Sensory play is a subject that all couples should undertake a little sensual investigation into. The use of bondage candles can really deliver a pleasurable warmth into your sex life. These specially-made bondage toys are cleverly made so that the wax only heats to a certain temperature; the flame is hot enough to melt the candle – and heat the skin – without burning you, or causing some serious injury.

These items can be incorporated into many bondage scenarios, as well as any other variety of sensory stimulation and play. Men and women view the use of these candles as an incredibly sensual experience, and their versatility makes them an attractive addition to your sex toy drawer.

Another sex toy with a similar sensory application is The Pinwheel, a quirky device now found in bedrooms and fetish clubs across the globe – it’s become a bondage gear staple. The wheel itself is comprised of sharp pins, which are rolled over the body. It is, however, possible to encounter variations on the traditional pinwheel; some such deviations from the apparatus’ original concept include versions with more than one wheel, for example, but regardless of the divergences in design, all pinwheels work the same way – to create an immense amount of stimulation during sensory play. The pinwheel, like the bondage candle, is probably one of the most versatile sex toys you could ever wish to play with; Using it on a person’s arms, feet, and neck can be quite ticklish, compared to the sensations which are generated when the pinwheel is rolled against the clitoris, nipples or penis. It’s a great device to tease your partner with – as the amount of pressure used, and the pinwheel’s control is left up to them. The pinwheel is best-used after a spanking has been administered; the skin is already incredibly sensitive!

However, the pinwheel can be used for more than merely being rolled across your lover’s skin during a little bondage session – you can also scratch and swat them with it, too, if you fancy taking a little BDSM to the next level. This toy can be frozen or warmed, which can create varying sensations and is a terrific way to deliver a sublime sensory experience. Speed and pressure should be noted when using this device, as that will alter the sensation and intensity.

For the more sadistic-minded among its users, it can also be utilised to simulate a somewhat acute, and accurate, knife-like innervation; but this can also be a warning as to what pinwheels are capable of – it must be remembered that the participants’ safety should always be of paramount importance; it would, however, require the use of a fair bit of pressure – or very delicate skin (!) – for any serious injury to be caused by the use of this implement, but still, it must be noted that care should always be taken. As something which was once a medical instrument used to test people’s nerve sensitivity, the pinwheel – though it hasn’t evolved much as regards to design – has certainly come a long way in relation to its uses.