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We all love sex; and everything that comes around it. Be it foreplay, cuddling, or charismatic chemistry. There is a plethora of content available on the net around all these aspects of the sensuous activity. But while all these areas of what goes in the bedroom are important, there are other quarters that are equally primal for a healthy and flourishing endeavor under the sheets. It is well known that an exciting life lies all around the missionary position and not just in that very arrangement. Hugging, kissing, caressing, pecking, getting handsy and a little indecent are proportionately necessary as they make foreplay fun and engaging, but so is the aftercare and understanding of our emotions and bodies requirements post-coital activities. 

When we talk about aftercare in regards to sex toys, we don’t mean taking care of our bodies in their physical element; well not exactly. It is more importantly coined towards the mental, psychological and emotional turbulences that can occur within ourselves. If you are aware of the term Post Coital Dysphoria (PCD) then you might know where this conversation is going. In the opposite case, you might want to stick around as it might completely change your sexual rendezvous for everything better and sweet. Have you or your partner ever been in a sad mood or experiencing a depressed or miserable state of mind? Have you wondered why? 

PCD, in simple terms, can be related to the waterfall of negative emotions that one can feel after an intensely pleasurable time. It is completely natural and can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. Consider them to be post-intimacy blues. This can include feeling low, being in a depressed state of mind, a variety of reactions created by confusion due to the burst of negative emotions, being on an extreme brink of weeping, sobbing, or feeling miserable. First of all, don’t be scared if you find your partner feeling one or more of the above things. You should instead feel a sense of connection since your significant other trusts you enough to be vulnerable in front of you with their honest displays of unknown feelings. 

While getting on terms with the cause of this situation is important, it can be quite complicated and apprehensive to grab. One can easily understand it by simply knowing that it is our body’s way of balancing out everything. Imagine your body secreting several positive hormones naturally during your sensual encounter and then after all highs that the intimacy secreetes;  when it’s over, the high slowly starts to fade away naturally. The goal of touching on this topic here is to provide more accessible and implementable information on the topics that aren’t talked about. While the post-coital topic at hand can seem quite intimidating because of the call of action that it demands, especially in a vulnerable situation; the work needed to sway through it is quite minimal and probably quite intimate. 

The best way to make your partner feel at ease is by the oldest quintessential in the book; communication. Yes! By simply communicating you are not only normalizing talking about your raw experiences but also keeping their mind off the negative thoughts. You can snuggle up under the blanket and chat up with your partner or can simply cuddle and have a casual, light-hearted conversation. Honestly, any form of physical touch will do. As long as it feels connected, intimate and honest, it will help your partner feel at ease and more balanced. From there onwards you can fall asleep together, knowing that you’ll wake up to a smiling face of your beloved one the next morning.