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It is no secret that despite their utility, undergarments can add to sensuality and appeal when it comes to romance. Sometimes, sexy lingerie can be more alluring than nudity. There is no logical answer to why men, even women, perceive lingeries to be sexy. But what is evident is that lingeries change the way we perceive ourselves. This, in turn, radiates the appeal and charisma onto others. We move differently when we are confident, and this is exactly what sexy lingeries can do. So, here’s to marvel at the fabulous creation of lingeries aka your sexy underwear backed by reasons why you should absolutely get a few of yours.

Promotes Body Positivity

Body positivity, whether we notice it or not, is a daily task which happens in our subconscious. It is a useful way to accept and appreciate our natural gifts. Through intimate and sexy lingerie, we can nurture the intricate features, curves and unique shapes of ourselves. The lustrous fabrics, appealing designs and jaw-dropping details on lingeries are bound to make you fall in love with parts of you as soon as you look in the mirror. Embracing natural beauty by breaking the societal norms of attractiveness is a synonym when it comes to sexy lingerie.

Boosts Confidence

It is a common statement that what you wear can affect how you perceive and feel about yourself.  So, even though no one can see it (unless you decide), wearing sexy lingerie can work wonders on how you conduct yourself. Don’t just take our word for it, there is an actual psychological study under the name of Enclothed Cognition that states that wearing certain clothes can spark specific emotions and feelings in you, which can affect your waking life. For example, if you look at lingerie and associate it with being sexy, confident and strong – you’ll feel the same things as soon as you put it on. By constantly practising this approach, you can cultivate and harbour healthy femininity, power and liberation from things and emotions that don’t serve you well.

Freedom of Expression

Clothing is like a second skin for our body and can express parts of our identity. Our personal identity is directed from how we feel about ourselves whereas our attires and clothes dictate key points of our social identity. Sexy lingerie, when done right, can nurture both of these areas of your life. Even when one does not have the freedom and liberty to dress a certain way (say in an official or traditional setting, or during travels), lingeries provide that freedom and boost to express yourself. Lingeries are not only a treat for our eyes or to our partner, they are powerful tools to reflect our true identity, personal taste and boldness.

Ignites Sensuality

Lingeries are seen as sensual objects all around the world. The delicate lacing, sultry curves, intimate detailing and smooth clothing – each element of sexy lingerie oozes fiery passion. Not only do lingeries help in boosting self-confidence but they can also help you tap into an unknown world of sensuality in the bedroom. As soon as you slip into your preferred lingerie, you can notice yourself entering a passionate world of teasing, revealing, arousing and intimacy. Lingeries create an atmosphere of seduction, which constitutes heightened sensuality, increased sex drive and opportunities for a much deeper and enhanced overall connection with oneself and the partner.

There’s Something for Everyone

Lingeries are obviously a fashion statement, but not like the ones that are trendy. They represent a classic world of charismatic femininity. This is because of the universal availability of lingeries for all sizes and shapes, despite the dynamicity in bust sizes, waist and curves. Not only that, there are numerous materials, designs, prints and colours as well. So, whether you are looking for a sultry lace and mesh bodysuit for your romantic anniversary, a soft caressing microfiber lingerie combo for yourself, simply looking for sexy underwear in the form of a G-string and thongs or are planning to surprise your partner with a matching bralette and panty set; the world of lingeries always have something sexy and ravishing in store for you.


Lingeries hold a globally-known allure to themselves, thanks to their exclusive design and purpose. Not only does sex lingerie affect the wearer’s partner, but also affects the wearer in more ways than one (physically and psychologically). This makes lingeries a healthy gateway to practising safe and passionate sexual adventures. Along with being a gateway, lingeries are also a reminder of the pure essence of natural beauty. By encouraging self-love, body positivity and healthy confidence, lingeries help battle unhealthy societal projections and restrictions. All these points end up stating that if you don’t have a few pairs of sexy lingerie in your wardrobe, you are missing out on a passionate world that favours the feminine side.