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What constitutes sexy lingerie is very hard to pin down. It can depend from person to person or from wearer to viewer. Even though lingeries have always been part of modern fashion, various elements make it sexy. Factors like cloth, design, weight, touch, cut, and pattern play integral roles. This article looks at the evolution of lingeries – from stays and corsets to push-ups and bralettes.


Corsets embody timeless allure. They are one of the most wanted when it comes to sexy lingerie. Even in modern times, they have all the eroticism needed. Corsets sculpt the curves of the body and teasingly accentuate the waistline. The supple fabric of corsets forces the viewer to keep looking around. Corsets date back to the 17th century. In the modern day, they come in the form of lace-up lingerie, modern-day belts, and waist trainers. When looking for corsets, you can also opt for longline corsets and knee-length corsets.

Sheer Maxi Nightgowns

Maxi Nightgowns are the complete opposite of tightly packed corsets. You might have noticed women wearing these if you have seen a movie set in the 19th or early 20th century. The silky and flowy nature of the nightgown makes it not only for a walk amongst flowers but also for bed. The light and airy cloth teasingly exposes skin with each movement and invites the lover’s touch.

Half Slips

Half Slips are quite popular today, like in the early 1900s. Half slips are like short skirts but are made for intimate clothing. The supple and soft texture of the cloth usually drapes to the thighs. They display skin areas and can showcase a silhouette of your delicate parts. This makes them a must-have in your sexy lingerie collection.

Girdles with Stockings

A combination of two classic lingerie pieces. Girdles are designed to shape the waist and hips to enhance the curves. Stockings, however, are hosiery worn to enhance the allure of the legs. The bare area and the contrast due to the combination invites sensuality and eroticism. Today, girdles and stockings offer a vintage-inspired hollywood’esque allure. The combination was popularised the most in the 1930s.

Strapless Wired Bras

Initially introduced in the 1930s, the bold style took nearly 20 years to normalise. As the name suggests, this lingerie has no strings or straps to hold off the bra. A thick, strong wire holds the bra from under the breast to the back. They are ideal for any revealing dresses and are quite magnetic even when worn to seduce. Furthermore, they come in different materials like satin, cotton, lace or other smoother fabrics to increase appeal.

Frilly Lingeries

These lingeries might not be much of a tease today, but they had everyone looming over them back in the 60s. Extra details, frills and ruffles were added to the edge of bras and panties. It was said that the peculiarness made them more playful and desired. The soft laces touch the bare skin, initiating a sensual dance of transparency and temptation.

Dainty Chemises

Feminine and delicate undergarment that is designed to evoke grace and allure. They are typically formed on lightweight materials. Silk, satin, or lace are preferred for the luxurious feel on the skin. They are one of the most used types of sexy lingerie right now. Apart from their sensual allure, they are also used as an extra layer between undergarments and clothing. They were first popularised in the 60s.

Minimal Silhouettes

These lingeries spark eroticism from less. That’s right; they are minimalistic lingerie designed to silhouette as little as possible. Well-defined contours along with smooth, straight or gently curved lines are the trademark of these lingeries. Furthermore, streamlined designs and neutral colours create a sleek fit and timeless aesthetic. Minimal silhouette lingeries make the viewers want more since they can’t see your body’s curves. They were first introduced in the 1990s.

Push Up Bras

One of the most popular forms of sexy lingerie, push-up bras are also one of the most famous. They feature padded cups with built-in underwire to provide extra lift and support. Not only do they cloak the breasts to look fuller, but they also enhance the cleavage. With push-up bras, you can easily find your style as they come in many types – demi-cup, strapless and plunge, to name a few. Push-up bras offer a sensual sense of appeal, unlike any other lingerie. This is because you can utilise them every day.


Bralettes can be seen as opposites of push-up bras. They lack any kind of padding, wiring or extra cushioning. Bralettes redefine traditional sexy lingerie with its delicate charm. Typically, bralettes possess intricate lacework from top to bottom. Apart from being captivating, they are also very user-friendly. The wire-free design offers comfort and freedom of movement.

On the other hand, bralettes also offer moments of body positivity. They accentuate the natural shape of your breasts, enabling you to cherish your true side. Bralettes are probably the most desired pieces in the feminine world.