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Anal sex is a hugely lewd act, and the more you learn about it – and the specific sex toys which are available – the more you can become acquainted with an uncommonly beautiful, intensely bonding way in which to play with your partner. Some people may associate anal play with discomfort, but this needn’t be the case if you follow a few simple rules…

Before using any anal sex toys, or partaking in anal sex, you need to learn how to relax the sphincter; to this end, a good anal sex lubricant is an essential addition to anyone’s toy collection – Anal Lube is uber-thick and luxurious; these water-based lubricants are designed for anal play and often use natural ingredients; they’re ideal for use on delicate skin. Its thick formula is long-lasting, too, so a little goes a long way. This lube are safe to use with all adult toys, easy to clean and wash away, and non-sticky. Often available in a pump dispensing formats that you’ll turn to time and again for any anal play; it reduces friction and pressure, keeping things slick and smooth and is perfect for any male sex toys.

Implementing the use of anal adult toys can help with regards to learning how to relax, and savour the pleasures gained from this type of close play. Anal Trainer Kit are an ideal supplement for beginner’s anal sex; these plugs will glide in with ease, when used with lube, as part of foreplay – the small plugs start with a four-inch insertable length, with a slim 0.88 in diameter, as opposed to the larger plug’s 1.6 inch diameter and five-inch length.

Glass Butt Plugs are a beautifully designed toy, and are also highly versatile, allowing you to incorporate a range of visual play elements, for added arousal and stimulation. This stunning plug is not only gold-plated, but also includes crystal detailing – an exquisite, unique adornment – making this the perfect gift, and one which will last you years with the right care.

If you are seeking still more from your anal play, then a huge plug will not disappoint – these bad boys mean business; with, on average, an eight-inch insertable length, and just over a four-inch girth, these plugs will not fail to thrill and arouse every time as they are some of the best sex toys.

If the texture is more your thing, however, then corkscrew plugs offer deep, stimulating swirls that add texture, and style, to your play; there’s tons of pleasure to be gained from anal sex toys; your rectum will accommodate most sizes of penis easily once you’ve learned how to relax. The many nerve endings located inside can be stimulated in the ways which you most desire, which in turn leads to intense and powerful orgasm. Some people find that the highly erotic act strengthens the bond between two people – not only is it physically rewarding, but psychologically invigorating too, enhancing mutual trust; in addition to being some of the most profound and fulfilling sex, and play, that anyone can experience.